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    Actually so new to fly fishing I need everything. Here is a partial list that I've asked santa for.

    Wader breathable size xl/long or large/ long, with no leaks I'm 6'5" 225lbs
    Flies for trout fishing wet/dry
    Float tube or pontoon boat or inflatable Kayak
    Spare spolls for an Orvis rocky mountain 5/6

    Think thats a good start and I'm hoping to start picking these things up some time in January.

    BTW I'm also looking for a tutor that can get away during mid week. You supply the knowledge and I will buy the beer:)
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    Hi Mark,
    I fish midweek and usually have room. Where do you live?
    Roll Cast
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    I live downtown Seattle. thx
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    I have a caddis navigator IV float tube and fins, fished it only a few times, will sell it both for $50.