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    hello all

    A few years ago i had the chance to go up into warehousers land with an access pass and fish some of their native lakes up in the hills east of the snoqualmie fall's.

    my question to the public here is do they still sell Land Acess Passes for Warehousers land? and if so were can i buy one at? the trout fishing up there was incredible and the lakes never get hard pressure. I now live in woodinville much closer to the land and really want to get my GL3 9' 4 weight wet on some fall/winter rising lake trout.

    :thumb: thanks for the input.
  2. Kent Lufkin

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    Weyerhaeuser sold their Snoqualmie Tree Farm to Hancock Forest Management in 2003 who still allow access on a fee/permit basis. Permits costs $165 and are available only at the Ace Hardware store in North Bend. Permits are good from early March until the first weekend in December with access from an hour before sunrise to an hour after sunset Saturday and Sunday and from 3:30pm to and hour after sunset on Monday, Thursday and Friday. Hancock sold under 200 permits this year compared with about 1,200 per year when Weyerhaeuser sold them for up to $65 each.

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    wow thanks for the quick reply...

    hey anyone wouldnt happen to know if those lakes are still as healthy with trout as they were in 02?
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    Sent you a PM.

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    My understanding is that you only need the pass for motorized access, is that correct? If you travel by foot and/or bike you do not need the pass.

    Oh, and just a quick note, it is spelled "Weyerhaeuser".
  6. Kent Lufkin

    Kent Lufkin Remember when you could remember everything?

    Yes, hike-in and bike-in fishers do not need a pass. 'Motorized access' means cars and light trucks only - no ATVs, snowmobiles or motorcycles.

    It is a working tree farm with active logging operations pretty much year round. You might want to confine any human-power expeditions on the main roads to weekends to avoid running into trucks or other logging vehicles.