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Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Hans Weilenmann, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. I think the seasons went backwards here. I spent the past two days in long pants, a jacket and the heat on at home.
  2. In Moses Lake? Now I am worried. I thought I was the only one with my winter coat and gloves.
  3. Same here. We switch from either the AC or the furnace every other day. Somehow I don't think we're going to go through a drought this summer... if we ever have a summer.

    Which wouldn't be the first time for this part of Oregon.
  4. Back to the hard bodied patterns.

    I can only speak to what has worked best for me.

    glass bead patterns, which I pursued because of the clear outer glass and color or metal lining of choice.

    My go to pattern uses a white metal bead, peacock herl thorax, and silver-lined 15/0 beads in the color of my choice on the abdomen. This pattern not only works for me, it has saved the day for fishing partners. (I call it JBC, Jays Best Chironomid)

    I also have on that is all glass beads and it works.
    gray lined 15/0 clear beads on the abdomen, a silver-lined black bead (call diamond) as the thorax, and a glow-lined clear bead as the head. Its caught fish in Washington and Oregon. I call it AGC. All Glass Chironomid.

    but was supplanted by the pattern with peacock herl thorax mentioned above.


  5. Hello Hans,

    they catch both fish and depending on the circumstances you need the two types in your fly box.
    I learned tying them soft and now also hard/shiny and still catch fish.

    My personel statement is: follow your own style and walk with open eyes through this magnificent world of fly fishing and tying.

    Kind Regards,


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