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  1. Alright, so i was wondering what you guys think THE best gloves are for fishing, basically what are the warmest gloves you know of that you can actually fish with while wearing them. Price is not an issue here, i dont care if there $500 gloves, im just wondering what the best are
  2. Well, don't know about genetically engineered NASA spacelab material with nuclear-powered warmers and a cold flask built in :beer1:. . . but for run-of-the-mill gloves, I'd take good-old wool shorties over fleece or neoprene anyday for fishing in almost any NW fishing application.:thumb:

  3. iagree
  4. I have a pair of neoprene cycling gloves that have curved fingers adn great finger and palm grip. Just thick enough to be warm, not so thick as I can't fish in them. I got mine at performance cycling for around $30. I have woll shorties that I prefer in most situations until it gets really cold. I have some longer neoprenes that are much thicker and not ideal for fishing. The cycling gloves serve me well for fishing, shooting and riding in the wet winter weather.
  5. I picked up some thin neoprene gloves before i headed out steel heading. Just the right thickness to keep my hands warm and not too thick so that i can use my hands without the gloves hindering my range of motion with my fingers. only like $20. Also they are water proof so your hands don't get soaked if it rains.
  6. On cold days I wear a pair of cheap nitrile exam gloves to keep the water and wind from chilling the hands. On ice-in-the-eyes days I put on a pair of shortie wool gloves over the nitrile.
  7. Simms windstoppers have been good to me.
  8. Gotta go with the wool glommitts (glove/mitten) with the fleece line mit with 100g of thinsilate insulation in them! They are awesome!! Fish the shorties until you can't stand it any more then put the mit on warm those fingers up and repeat the process!
  9. glacier Kenais, you can get the fingerless ones at Sportco for about six bucks a pair.
    fingerless, neoprene palms, fleece.
    I use them in all but Arctic conditions.
  10. iagree windstoppers blow the pants off of wool.
  11. Done.

    6 bucks at the Chevron on the way to Goldbar. Try as they may, NASA, Simms and all the rest will never touch these. I always get a good laugh from the glove discussion. Happens every year about this time.
  12. I also use Glacier gloves to keep my hands dry. For the really cold days I put heat packs on the palm side of my wrists. I may be warm and dry but I still cast like crap.
  13. i fished A LOT in some gnarly cold weather last winter. talking single digits in the morning and warming to highs in the low 20's. granted central oregon climate is much drier... but I tried out several gloves but i'll be damned if I didnt come back to the standard wool fingerless jobs and fleece pockets filled with handwarmers. More than hands I had a hard time figuring out how to keep my feet warm. Once your boots get wet snow and ice starts sticking to them and they become literal blocks of ice. I never found a combination of socks that saved me in that situation. i just dealt with it.

    ohhh..... and hail to the king of undergarments!!! under armour for life son.

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  14. Fishing in single digit weather is just plain dumb. That can truly cause permanent damage. It happened to me in Montana and that was it for me. Now my toe is numb most of the time which isn't bad but it could have been a lot worse.
  15. as does camel lights, pbr, and cheap hookers. :ray1:

    fish on!
  16. both simms :thumb: and wool.
  17. What if simms were to make a wool glove!!! JEEZ boys i think we just beat the pants off of the simms "think tank boys" Someone rush to the patent office!!! And then we will sell the rights to simms.........rich i tell you rich!!!!
  18. They could really improve the design by adding the Simms tag. I'd gladly pay another, say, 30 bucks for that. Hell that's nothing. I paid, oh, probably 100 for the tag on my waders :D
  19. My Simms G3's have been extremly dissapointing. They leak like a sive and are only a couple years old. Might have been me, but I treated my Old Simms classics the same way and didnt have issues for at least 5 years.
  20. :ray1:
    Your wise beyond your years son!

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