warmwater swap?

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by ibn, Feb 2, 2005.

  1. Got trevors flies, still waiting on Mr Andy and Mr Zenpesky. Due to me by the end of the week, I will mail them out next Monday if I have them all by then.

  2. Tomorrow is the due date, send them in or I will crack your skullz. So far I have only seen trevors. I suspect andy's are in the mail.

    What's up Zen?!? I don't wanna have to drive all the way to eastern wa to slap you around a little. ;)
  3. Mine are in the mail
  4. Cool! Anyone heard from Zen?
  5. Sorry guys, i didnt mean to hold u up. I have been in montana, then home for 3 days, then montana, then home fore 3 days, then Arkansas. I got all the flies done tonight and they will be in the mail tomorrow. I feel bad about the hold up, maybe i will take y'all to some creeks this summer.

  6. Killer! No worries man, this will be the fastest I've seen everyone get their flies in. Thanks guys, even though it's only 4 of us, I think the flies will be pretty cool looking.

  7. Sweet! No sweat Zen, but I will still take you up on the creeks this summer. :thumb:

  8. Hi guys, still waiting on zen's flies, as soon as I get em, I'll send everyones out.

  9. I talked to zen and I guess his flies didn't make it to the postman so he is backing out. That leaves 3 of us and 36 flies, do you each want 6 of the other 2 guys flies, or do you want 4 of each persons flies (including your own)? I will ship them tomorrow.

  10. Man, what a downer. I'm cool either way, but I think the 4 each would be my preference. I'm just bummed that I tied 3 colors as they won't break up evenly. :beathead: Seemed like a good idea at the time...

  11. Allright, flies are in the mail. Sorry this swap didn't turn into much. Thanks Andy and Trevor for the flies.

  12. Not gonna post pics of all the flies in the gallery? :p
  13. My camera is pretty shitty, I tried to take pics for the beach silver swap last year and they didn't turn out too hot. You're welcome to post them when you get your flies. I'm working on the funds for a new camera :)
  14. I got my flies. They look great. :thumb: I won't be able to take them to the warm water anytime soon, I promise to get them wet in the salt up here as soon as possible.

    Ibn, if you get anything on one of the decievers down South, I would love a pic! :beer2:


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