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  1. freestoneangler

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    Thinking about going to the gun show today at the Puyallup Fair. Anyone on the forum a member of WAC that attends the shows regularly? How big are the shows...lots of of items for sale or pretty small? Mostly interested in a used O/U 12 gauge but, never having been to one of these, not sure whether I'll see much of that for sale.
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    Good morning...
    I've attended these WAC shows for many years, and am currently a member. The shows are quite large, (fill the showplex plus extra space for the larger shows), with the largest being in the fall. You can find just about any type of weapon you could want, from antique, to military, to para-military, target, or sporting. These are well run shows.

    If you intend to buy a firearm at a show, you must be a WAC member and pass the background check. If you have a CPL, i believe they waive the background check.

  3. freestoneangler

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    Thanks Dave. I do have a CPL and was debating whether to simply join or not (since you need to be a member to buy at the show). The WAC website, if I'm reading correctly, requires membership payment Jan 1. If I pay the $35 now, I would have to renew Jan I reading correctly? I was going to fill out the membership form and ask about that when I got there. If it's good one year from join date, I'll join.
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    .22 CB shorts sound like a mouse farting when you use them. Or get a decent 1700FPS (one cock) pellet rifle. With the hard pellets (not the soft lead ones) it will almost push through a 1/4" chunk of plywood at 30'. Both 100% effective against bandits. So is one of those steel handled shovels. I owned 30+ laying chickens at one point, I got lots of practice :)

    In town I would recommend the pellet gun. Cheaper and marginally safer.
  5. freestoneangler

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    Just got back from the show...much bigger than I thought. I was amazed at the number of folks attending and standing in line for membership (glad I was early, line was 30+ long when I left). They are pro-rating the membership fee, charging only an additional $10 for the balance of 2012 and they give you $9 (daily admission price) back.

    It is true, Americans love their guns and wow are we ever armed in this country! I saw a used Citori that had my attention for a bit, but decided to keep looking. Also was amazed by the number of gals attending and signing up for membership. While looking at the Citori, I was eavesdropping on a conversation an older women was having with the seller and man did she know her stuff about firearms...kinda cool. I'd been hearing that more and more women are joining NRA, gun clubs and getting CPL's than ever before...all I have to say to any nation thinking about a run on the USA is... give it a second thought ;)
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    Did you get a name & number? I might be willing to get married one more time . . .
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    Sorry Jim...didn't think to ask but, by the looks of her, I suspect she uses Montana Fossils to pick her teeth.
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    Freestone it sounds like you know your guns but I thought I would mention - watch out for shotguns used for trap shooting. I bought a urika semi auto and we call it the best single shot in our hunting group! it was just worn out from traps when I bought it and I do believe shooting nothing but 2 3/4 inch rounds by the thousands makes the gun hard to throw 3 inch mags when hunting, at least that's what I have found. I will never buy another shotgun that was used for trap shooting and I used to shoot traps.
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    i like reading stuff like this. i guess its cuz i like guns. keep it up. mike w
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    WAC shows are interesting, I've been a member off and on for years. Lately they seems very "black rifle" oriented. Not my cup of tea, though I do have a DTI AR for "just in case" issues. I searched every table for a nice 20 gauge double barrel to no avail. I consoled myself with a wonderful wool hat made by a woman from Krygyzkstan for my birthday. The Monroe show is next weekend, but I'll be in the woods chasing grouse and the valley for pheasant...
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    Mark - to be quite honest, I don't know much about guns other than the basics and how to use in a safe manner. My brother does and I use him as my guide on used items I'm considering. You bring up a really good point about a shotgun used for trap/skeet use. I handled one Benelli at the show that outwardly looked beautiful,but when I applied a torque back and forth with the gun closed, you could feel some significant looseness. The guy selling was wearing a vest with a half dozen trap achievement patches...hmmm.

    Roper - I didn't see too many black powder guns. In addition to a 12 O/U, I'm looking for a good used 30-06 hunting rifle; Kimber model 84M Classic or Remington 700. I didn't find these either, but there was a booth that had hemostats and dental picks...scored a couple of each!
  12. Dave Alberts

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    I suspect that some of those "black rifles" are also found in "desert cammo"...
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    "Black rifles" and "black shotguns" are nicknames for tactical firearms (i.e. - black finish), not black powder.
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    :D video tape the hell out of that and bring someone who runs slower than you to film it just in case. Trust me, one of my regrets in life was not having a camera during a classic "hold my beer while I shoot a racoon with a cap and get attacked by the little basterd" moment. It's second on the awesome scale to the time "same said guy" caught a squirrel in a trout net. Cheers to stiches and staples. LOL
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    See, I told you I don't know shit about guns...yes, there were lots of those types there, but then that shouldn't surprise us as we prepare for the end of the world.
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    Freestone, I picked up a used Remington 700 in 30-06 on another board. ( After a bit of tweaking it turned into a great gun. New Coate stock, Shilen match barrel with a heavy varmint taper, Harris Bipod and a Vortex scope. Oh yeah, I did the paint job.


    After breaking in the new barrel, this is a 12 inch target shot at three hundred yards. Two groups 6 rounds each. No scope adjustments, just different ammo.

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