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  1. Wimpywade94

    Wimpywade94 New Member

    me and a few buddies are starting to plan a hiking trip this summer, there are 5 of us going for sure, all that are learning to fly fish, and a few that dont know how to fly fish may be taggin along to,

    anyone know any good hiking spots that offer fishing as well? we want to be gone at leat 3 days, but mabey more, so it should be a decent trail.

    thanks for the help guys.
  2. cmtundra

    cmtundra New Member

    The High Divide Loop. It's in the Olympic NP.
  3. hikepat

    hikepat Patrick

    Lake Annette gets heavy plants each year. For more idea go to the WDFG web site for a list of planted alpine lakes. It shows many of the lakes they feel that can take the extra pressure and include what type of trout are at that lake.
  4. sashjo

    sashjo Member

    If you are going late in the summer, consider the Upper Elwha.
  5. Shawn Seeger

    Shawn Seeger (aka. wabowhunter)

    Hi Pat... I would agree that Lake Annette gets a lot ... a lot of hiking pressure that is! You better plan to hike there now (while it is raining) or in October (when it is really bad weather) or plan on a ton of people!!!

    Wade... I would check out the following websites...



    Anyway good luck! :beer2:

  6. Nooksack Mac

    Nooksack Mac Active Member

    There are innumerable lakes and streams with trout in Washington. Where are you thinking of going? Into the Cascades, or in the desert nearer your home? Give us a preferred area, and we can start listing possibilities.
  7. flyguyansons

    flyguyansons "Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere" Neil Young

    Check out angelfire.com. There are a couple good links to Washington lakes on this site. The Cub Scouts I proudly mentor would ask you to "Leave No Trace" and follow the "Outdoor Code". I was fortunate enough to hike the 7 Lakes Basin 23 years ago with a friend. Having not packed any bug juice for this trip that particular summer, my friend & I could not get back to the trailhead soon enough. I will say tho, the view of Mt. Olympus from the High Divide on that clear summer day will forever be imprinted in my memory! Just that view made the trip worth a million. LOL
  8. Jeff Wood

    Jeff Wood New Member

    Growing up in Walla Walla I heard of people hiking and fishing the Wallowa Lake area (North East Oregon). If I remember right there a variety of trails and lenghts of hikes/lakes to explore. Zen might know more.

  9. VancouverFisher

    VancouverFisher Lucky if I get out anymore!

    If you live in Benton City, I second Jeff's idea about the Wallowa area. My wife grew up in the Tri-Cities (yeah, poor thing) and has hiked into the Eagle Cap Wilderness numerous times. She always had a great experience and saw some wonderful country - and there is a lot of it. There are some good rivers over there, plenty of alpine lakes and good trails. I have a brother-in-law in Kennewick that fishes up there so if you need additional info I can shoot you his phone number, or if you want some professional advice go here:

  10. Wimpywade94

    Wimpywade94 New Member

    yeah, anywhere in washington, northern idaho, or northern oregon im up for, we will road trip it, im looking for something that may take 3+days to get through it, with fishing along the way or mabey hike a day or 2 days into a lake and then fish for a couple then hike out,

    im going to check out the sites, thanks guys,

  11. Steelie Mike

    Steelie Mike Active Member

    Upper Elwah or the North Fork of the Lewis River in Gifford Pinchot National Forest would be great. :thumb:
  12. Bob Triggs

    Bob Triggs Your Preferred Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishing Guide

    Take a look at hiking the Upper Elwah in Olympic National Park. Do a Search here under "Elwah" and you will be buried in references on this, along with some great tips on timing, fishing etc.

    This is the second year that the Elwah trout are enjoying full protection from harvest. Should be bumping up the quality of those fish a bit. Go easy on em though; many are the steelhead of the future up there.

    Look at crossing the Divide Trail and coming out at Quinault later. Nicer than just a hike up the Elwah river and back. That would be very fine, beautiful hiking.

    Best fishing this year may come early, as early as late june some say. Depends on rains. No snowpack to speak of. Normally you can count on august and september as prime time up there.

    You will need NPS Wilderness Passes for all. Contact the Wilderness Information Center in the Olympic Ntl Park:

  13. Zen Piscator

    Zen Piscator Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.

    PM me, i have a spot in mind you guys might really enjoy, but dont feel like posting it, too many people read this and they might catch all my fish.

  14. sashjo

    sashjo Member

    I would love to hike from the Elwha to Quinault. We went up the North Fork of the Quinault last summer. Too much for a day hike to make it over to the Elwha. Some day, when I have more time!
  15. Jim Kerr

    Jim Kerr Active Member

    Elwah is a good bet if you don't mind lots of snakes, one of the last suspected habitats of the Olympic Moss Viper, second most deadly snake in western Wa. Also, summer time is the mating season for Sasquatch, last season there were several reports of fishermen being...um.....well..reciepients of unwanted amorous advances while on the upper El. I'd go somewhere safer.
    Good Hiking
  16. Randy Knapp

    Randy Knapp Active Member

    Upper Elwha...lions and tigers and bears, Oh My!


    PS and few gillion hungry trout that will take any deer or elk haired fly that hits the surface of one of the most beautiful streams in Washington
  17. RedSpey

    RedSpey Guest

    You may want to look into the North Cascades, although it may be a bit far away for you. Diablo and Ross lakes have good fishing and the Thunder Creek trail is long. I think there are some primitive campgrounds on the north end of Ross Lake.
  18. Wimpywade94

    Wimpywade94 New Member

    cool, i will look into those lakes as well.

    thanks guys.

  19. jackchinook

    jackchinook Member

    Everyone's missed the obvious here...

    get ahold of a map of the Alpine Lakes Wilderness Area, located between Steven's and Snoqualmie passes. Take a close look and realize that there are literally hundreds of little blue spots between those two passes. Almost every one of them has trout in them....cutthroats, rainbows, brookies....even a chance for the odd golden trout if you're lucky. Trails run every direction through there and you could create an incredible loop or car to car through-route if you planned right. Plus the scenery is tough to beat.
  20. Wimpywade94

    Wimpywade94 New Member

    ya, monday i was going to go to sportsmans and see if i could find a map like that, i figured that even if we just hike around and backpack to differnt lakes we still will have a blast.


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