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  1. A fly fishing clinic will be held up at this lodge at the Scottish Lakes in the North Cascades in September. I think they're via Wenatchee or there abouts. The clinic is about fishing alpine lakes. They pick you up at the parking area and transport you up to the lodge. From there I think you hike to the lakes.

    Margaret wants us to do this shindig, but I'm still not sure how my work schedule will shape up by then. I hear it's pretty cool. You might consider the experience. The facilities are somewhat limited at the lodge, and you might be faced with bringing some of your own food to make in the cabins that are there. Still, the last time Margaret went there, she had a very good time. You can find info online. Just do a web search.
  2. The Washington Trails Assn is a good bet forjhiking and camping info. I think they have a site online.

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