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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by rockfish, May 9, 2005.

  1. rockfish

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    were framing a house on the water across from lions field and everyday I see flyfisherman out there, just wondering if anybodys on this forum there or catching anything, and I know where your all fishing ;)
  2. JWKitsap

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    My bro and I were out there at the buttcrack of dawn on Saturday. Didnt catch anything unless you count the 6 inch cutt I must've chance-hooked through the bottom of the mouth and nearly airmailed into the rocks behind me. Saw a few cutthroat slashing through the schools of chum fry that seem to be everywhere this day and age. Never a big fan of that area as I cant hook into anything fishy to save my life there. Silvers have been taken of the beach there as well.

    Any more info needed drop me a PM

  3. miyawaki

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    The place was a residence called "Docs" until it became "Narrows Park." The stretch of beach from Pt. Evans south to Pt. Fosdick has always been a prime producer of anadromous fish. Yesterday, for example, I caught a Puget Sound "grand slam" or "triple" or maybe "trifecta," if you will – a silver, a cutthroat and a blackmouth.

  4. Nick Andrews

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    My parents live right across from lions feild and have fished those water on both sides. I never thought that Lions was that great. There is not a lot of structure in the water. There are a few places that I would look into before I hit that area.
  5. I think you guys are talking about two diffferent "Narrows." One is in Bremerton, and one in Tacoma. Both have fish.

  6. miyawaki

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    Oops sorry. My mistake.

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    at least the one you caught finally put an end to you whining about the cold... :p
  8. JWKitsap

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    You werent paying attention.....I wasn't just whining about the cold.....

  9. Lostinwater

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    Leland, a grand slam, let me guess on a popper, that's awsome! I've only been fishing the sound for a couple of years but I've come to learn that it is full of suprises. I'm real tempted to head down to the S. sound soon, some nice water down there.

  10. bhudda

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    well my cousin just moved to the gig h. side of the narrows by willochet. there is a park nearby that we fished for a short time while looking for new access. saw a flyguy out there, he said no action' , the water and shore currents were awesome for swinging a fly! had a take but no cake, saw some fry like 2 feet off shore buzzing and rippin the seams. had a fish jump right in front of me no more then 5 feet in front, as i was making a long cast out. fished with a popper mostly.
  11. rockfish

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    sorry I scared u guys away that were fishing there, seems once I posted this nobody has been there fishing, talked to some guy trolling for cutts along the shore in a dingy and he said hes been catching them. everyday have been seeing small baitfish fish popping the water in schools.