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  1. I am moving from Nebraska to Washington in early May and will be transporting a number of firearms. Most of them will be in the gun safe in the moving van but I have a CCW permit in Nebraska and will be carrying my .45 on me or in the vehicle. The two states I will be passing through that we do not have reciprocal agreements with are Oregon and Washington. I have read the open carry laws and it looks like I will be OK as long as the firearm is visible. I will be on I 84 in Oregon and I82 in Washington. Final destination is Coupeville on Whidbey. Any opinions or suggestions? Can I have it on me in a visible holster or laying on the seat next to me?
  2. Washington is a presumptive open-carry state, but you can't open carry while in a vehicle unless you have a valid CWP recognized by WA state. I'm not sure about Oregon. See RCW Section 9.41.050 (2)(a). See RCW 9.41.065 (9) for the exception for carrying your pistol unloaded in a vehicle. You could always load and carry in an open holster outside of your vehicle if conditions warranted (breakdown on a lonely stretch of road, etc.). Have a safe trip. It should be easy enough to obtain a WA CWP once you are settled. Here's a general overview. http://www.opencarry.org/?page_id=312
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  3. Thanks Jim. It's hard to make sense out of some of the leagalese. It looks like I can open carry in Oregon but when I get to Washington I will have to unload if I want to have the pistol in the cab with me. I will probably look into a Washington CWP after I get settled.
  4. You are welcome, Theron. Have a safe & uneventful trip and welcome to the Pacific Northwest.
  5. GEEZ! Washington's a "shall issue" state, and after looking at the requirements posted on Nebraska's State Patrol official page, and comparing it with ours, there's no reason for denying reciprocity-the requirements are the same. Criminal background and "mental issues" check, and fingerprints are what are required here. Nebraska also requires a training class in addition to the checks and fingerprints, so what's our problem?
    Safe trip, Theron!
  6. Alex, I think the issue is that Nebraska requires 4 hours classroom training and 4 hours range qualification. I think Nebraska thinks that Washington's requirements are less than adequate. Nebraska is a "shall issue" state also but you have to jump through more hoops.
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  7. I would double check Oregon's rules. I think that w/o a clp you will need to transport it unloaded and out of reach.
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  8. I'll bet you're right on the money here. And to tell the truth, they are relaxed! I also have a Utah Non-Resident carry permit, so I'm good in over 30 states.
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  9. Yes you cannot carry a loaded handgun in a car in OR without a permit. I also believe the gun needs to be put away and out of reach of the driver (eg in the trunk)
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  11. I don't mind guns. I don't have a problem with open carry.

    BUT, do you really want to do it in a state where very few folks OPEN CARRY west of the Cascades?

    Even east of the Cascades.... I had neighbor that walked into a 7-11 with his gun. The clerk just FREAKED. I was all I could do to calm down the clerk and keep her from calling 911. She was NOT aware that Washington was an open carry state.

    I had VERY LITTLE law enforcement training...but having a gun visible changes everything.

    Washington is a fairly safe state if you stay out of downtown Seattle and parts of the Columbia Basin. It is not as dangerous as Nebraska.

    I would not bother.
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  12. I was in Evening Hatch years ago, just off the river, with my Sig strapped to the hip, when guy walks in (wearing a sport coat that had "yuppie" written in 10-inch high letters). He spots the Sig, which is a P226N in .40: NOT a small firearm by any means. He does a double take and says "you have a gun!". I said "good, you can see well enough to drive a car".
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  13. Lots of good info here. I do not normally open carry - only when hunting. I do carry concealed here in Nebraska. I have several firearms to transport from handguns to rifles and shotguns. The gun safe has limited room so I thought I would carry my favorite 1911. It, being a full size 1911, is also like Alex's Sig not a small firearm. It conceals well if I wear appropriate clothing but is quite visible if in the open. I will probably just put in in the case and lock it while in Oregon and Washington.
  14. Oregon does not reciprocate with any other states on concealed carry. Likewise, nor do any other states recognize Oregon Concealed Carry Permits. Oregon does permit open carry, but, a lot depends on where you are. For a while, Starbucks welcomed open carry. Ashland (So. Or. bastion for the left) residents really freaked out when a couple of guys carried assault rifles right through downtown, just because they could. :D Non res Utah ccp is good for most other states in the PNW. Don't even think about taking your guns into California!

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