Washington State Fly Fishing Fair

Discussion in 'Events' started by flyfisher98052, Apr 22, 2012.

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    The annual Washington State Fly Fishing Fair will Be in Ellensburg on Friday, May 4 and Saturday May 5. Details at www.washingtoncouncilfff.com and click on 2012 Fair. Free Seminars, cheap workshops, great tying and a decent ration of fishing tales covering all. Killer deals at the Auction on Saturday night (buy a banquet ticket by the 27th on the web site). See you there!
  2. troutpocket Active Member

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    Fly Fishing Film Tour stop at Raw Space in Ellensburg on May 4th. Nice combo event weekend in the 'Burg!
  3. Alex MacDonald Dr. of Doomology

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    glad to know the seminars are free. I went online to register, and since I haven't used my "password" since last year, and that time the thing was screwed up, I can't even see the prices on the classes, because I can't register, can't retrieve the password, and can't create a new account, and.... Can't contact them about it, either!
  4. Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

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    In all honesty, the website/info for all of this could be pretty hard to follow for a lot of people. The fair website doesn't seem to list the event venue either. I see you can download a map, but many probably won't see that, and won't know where the event is held. Might not be a bad idea to list the venue and address so people can put it in to their navigation systems.
  5. Buck "Ride'n Dirty."

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    SO who's going to this thing? I want to go, but according to the posts above me there info seems sparse. Where is it exactly, how much are the classes? and more importantly, where is everyone staying and partying? I need infoooo00!!!!
  6. Kcahill Active Member

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    Here is a link that actually works with a map on it http://fair.washingtoncouncilfff.org/

    I have looked at going the past couple years but like someone else said they do such a bad job on the website and getting the info out there its probably not worth the drive.
  7. Steve Call Active Member

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    Every time I even get close to a fly shop or heaven forbid a fly fishing fair - I'm overcome with an irresistible desire to buy more gear. Going to have to pass on this weekend.
  8. orangeradish Bobo approved

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    I plan on trashing Evan's hotel room. Big time. Anyone else in?
  9. Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

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    Looking around online, here's the address I found for the event center:

    512 N Poplar ST, Ellensburg, WA

    Show is 11am-5pm Friday, 8am to 5pm Saturday

    I'll be there working the Allen booth. Plan on going out for beers and foods after the show Friday.
  10. Freestone Not to be confused with freestoneangler

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    Although I am not involved in the website, I am on the board so I would appreciate any input that you have on how to improve the website and will pass it along. This is a 100% volunteer-run event so what you are seeing on the website probably reflects this. However, the event itself is run very well and has a lot to offer people, both newbie's and experienced anglers alike. In fact, many people have commented that they prefer it to many of the professionally run, for profit shows. Does it have the glitz? No, but what it lacks in glitz and expensive marketing materials is more than made up for in substance, IMHO.
  11. troutpocket Active Member

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    Agreed. I've attended the past two years. It's great. Love the access to all the great tiers.
  12. Bill McAllister New Member

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    Going for the first time,leaving tomorrow camping and sticking around till sunday. If nothing else, I need to dry our after the past couple days in SW WA!
  13. Buck "Ride'n Dirty."

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    Where are you camping Bill? Is anyone else staying at the Yakima river campground (on Ringer Rd.), or know if that place is half decent? I'm considering staying there, but not sure.
  14. Buck "Ride'n Dirty."

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    and...is there any good fishing possibilities besides lenore or lenice? Maybe something closer? Pm, if not comfortable mentioning it on board.