Washington State Steelhead Need Your Action TODAY!

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    The Wild Steelhead Coalition's comment letter for the Draft
    Environmental Impact Statement for Washington's Statewide Steelhead Management Plan is posted at http://www.wildsteelheadcoalition.com). We encourage interested parties to support our comment letter with their own letters. Your letter does not need to be complex, if you agree with our letter you can send a simple statement " Dear Teresa Eturaspe, I have reviewed and support the comments delivered to your office by the Wild Steelhead Coaliton to be adopted and incorporated into the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for Washington's Steelhead Management Plan. "

    written to:
    Teresa Eturaspe
    SEPA/NEPA Coordinator
    Regulatory Services Section, Habitat Program
    EMAIL: SEPAdesk2@dfw.wa.gov

    WDFW will consider public comments on the DEIS received in writing through September 10, 2007. Detailed background information on the WDFW's process of developing the new Statewide Steelhead Management Plan, including links to the Draft Environmental Impacts Statement, the Draft Statewide Steelhead Management Plan, and the Draft Science paper, is available online at:

    Thanks for your support!
  2. I just sent a letter in, thanks for the reminder!
  3. I read the comments, sent the letter and joined the Wild Steelhead Coalition.
  4. I get enough "need your response immediately" e-mails at work. Surely you didn't slap this comment letter together last night. In the future if you expect support at least allow time to review and consider what you are proposing.
  5. I talked to Jim Buck today and he said either mailed comments or faxes would be accepted and not emails. Therefore, unless you faxed your comments before today or mailed comments in prior, they may not be accepted. He also lamented that generally, turnout to meetings has been very low.
  6. I also joined the coalition, thanks for your hard work on this issue.
  7. East Fork, fastpitchpete-
    Thanks for your support!!!

    The Wild Steelhead Coalition is a non-profit organization without a single paid staff member. All the work that is involved in being a non-profit organization and all the effort that is put forth by the WSC is performed by its members-most of which have families, full-time jobs and a fishing addiction to tend to. We could always use current members to volunteer their time or new folks to sign up and lend us a hand.

    We apologize about the late notice but time was limited given the short amount of time between the DEIS meetings and the deadline for comments. If you were to read the letter, you would see it was something that was not "thrown together at the last minute." To read the letter in full, please follow this link... http://www.wildsteelheadcoalition.com/Repository/WSC DEIS SSMP FINAL comment letter.pdf

    Regarding the poor attendance at the DEIS meetings, it was sad to see. For example, at the Mill Creek meeting, there were 7 or 8 folks there attending, all but ONE were members of the WSC.

    For those that are inerested in some of the other recent efforts of the Wild Steelhead Coalition, please follow these links:

    Letter to ODFW opposing wild steelhead kill on the Umpqua

    Article pertaining to the outcome of the aforementioned wild steelhead kill on the Umpqua

    Wild Steelhead Coalition's White Paper-A Must Read

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