Washington we have a problem ( wolf attack )

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  1. And I would expect that at close range, that wolf's head would have more visible damage - an exit/entrance wound, etc.
  2. It wasn't my intent to debate that sort of thing. I was only commenting on the vocabulary aspect.

    If it was your intent to debate that issue, you should have gotten more to the point straight away rather than beating around the bush with it.
  3. A number of "friend of a friend sent this to me" forum posts around the internet for this story. However, this is just about the only halfway legit report I could google up:


    Real? I have no idea. Legit source? Maybe, since there is info from ID fish/wildlife. Who knows though. There is a different image at least for those who are interested. Also are a bunch of the typical "you are the idiot" - "No, you are the idiot" comments at the bottom of the page.
  4. I thought it was illegal to have a modern firearm with you when you are bowhunting, seems like it would take some of the thrill out of using primitive weapons if you got big ass hand gun for back up.
  5. The only place I have trouble with wolves is in the Forks area while I'm fishing. Rumor has it they are really members of the Quillayute tribe keeping the forest free of vampires, but frankly I'm skeptical. That's a long way from Blewett Pass and even further from northern Idaho though.
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  7. Thanks for the additional links and the picture. At least this isn't a 'one-off' story. It seems to have made the rounds so to speak. Maybe there is more to this story than I had thought. Cow calling in a pack of 17 wolves sounds more consistent with pack behavior than a single lone wolf....interesting either way.
  8. taken from - http://wdfw.wa.gov/publications/01184/wdfw01184.pdf

    Page 68, right hand side, very first rule of general archery regs.

    "Archery Regulations
    1. Rules pertaining to all archery:
    a. It is unlawful for any person to carry
    or have in his possession any firearm
    while in the field archery hunting,
    during an archery season specified for
    that area, except for modern handguns
    carried for personal protection. Modern
    handguns cannot be used to hunt big
    game or dispatch wounded big game
    during an archery, big game hunting

    You can carry a sidearm for protection.
  9. If she shot a wolf to protect herself from an ongoing attack, well...duh. Self defense is always permissible. Proposing that we should hunt wolves to prevent wolf attacks, however, is assinine. That's like saying I should be able to shoot any stranger in the woods on sight because there are about 30 murders by strangers in WA every year, and that person might kill me. Or proposing we ban dogs because they kill about 20 people per year in the US. (Documented fatal wolf attacks are, like, single digits in all recorded history.)

    Be careful in the woods, people - there are other predators besides yourselves out there. No need to go all anihilation-crazy.
  10. This is the second report I have heard about in about the same area of Idaho. Headquarters is north of the Clearwater river. Just a side note, I have seen 2 lone wolves in western Montana in the last 2 years.
  11. Who's going annihilation crazy?
  12. I8abug - you're right, no one on this thread yet. Sorry, I was reacting to comments accompanying the indicated article on other sites, and to visions of the previous Teanaway wolf thread. Guess I managed to let the oxymoron of "managed wildlife" and the thread title annoy me...
  13. So, it appears that the origanal post about this happening near Blewett Pass is total BS, and it may have happened in Idaho.
  14. But Derek has a point - "a few feet away" in the head with a .44 mag. Looks pretty tidy in the pic.
  15. Double haul should learn to read before you post it is clear the shoot was in ID but the comment was to use care here cause we got the the same critters now and they are misbehaving
  16. She's long arming the woof
  17. Here is a thought if the range of these critters is 400 plus square mile what river were you fish are in that range.
  18. It is all about the food chain. Sometimes we are on top, sometimes we are not.
  19. Excellent.....lol

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