Washington we have a problem ( wolf attack )

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Tom O'Riley, Oct 10, 2011.

  1. Try to see the whole picture here. there are now Wolves in the cascades close to were we fish so use cation that is what it has to with fishing
  2. There was a mule deer attack last week in Idaho as well. That's scary shit.
  3. she sure has a nice "hero shot" for just being attacked.... she is one tough momma.

    If it was me....... I would have changed my drawers after... and I would have left, sobbing.... never stepping foot in the woods again....

    Actually, it was my dog... I low-holed her, while swinging for steel on the deschutes... she beat me up, shot my dog, and took a picture of it.
  4. Kerry, I was thinking along the same lines. Come face to face while with the competition while elk hunting, pull the piece and take him out. Then use the attack story as justification. Who knows what happened but it seems a lot more plausible than the original story.

    I wonder how many sheep/cattle ranchers will get 'attacked' and shoot wolves as the population increases.

  5. There is griz up there also and blacks and cougs and tweakers and pot growers and people hunting with high powered rifles that should not be. The woods are a scary and dangerous place.
  6. Washington; this thread is all about Hysteria...

    Please be aware that I'm not singling anyone out here, but I think somebody's Grandma read them a few too many "Grimm's Fairy Tales" when they were a kid.

    Maybe we all better start packin' wolf spray, bear spray, 44 magnum revolvers and grenades. You never know what you're gonna find out there, so best be prepared - or better yet stay indoors...
  7. iagree

    Stay indoors or you may run into this.......

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  8. ....and according to this board, about every other guy on the river is packin...
  9. Probably a silver bullet...that's the only way that story is at all possible.
  10. That's the opposite of how I see it. Perception is reality.
  11. With all that is going on out there I would be also. Instead I purchased a fishing game for my xbox..........wait, I don't own an xbox.
  12. here we go again....
  13. I didn't say what they were hunting. I just said they were hunting.
  14. I've heard reports of cougars lurking around frat houses in the U district of seattle
  15. I understand what you said. But the way its worded implies that the bear attacked the man without cause, and he received a ticket for trying to defend his hunting partner, rather than for the shooting of the grizzly prior to the attack.

    just wanted to make it clear that it was the shooters own fault that the entire incident happened.
  16. Shit, forget the wolves: It's antelope you have to watch out for:

  17. I sense a new market developing here;
    Wolf Spray, Antelope Spray, Cougar Spray...
  18. Go any nekked ones?

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