Washington we have a problem ( wolf attack )

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  1. So was she really "attacked" by the wolf? The news stories and interviews she gave variously suggest the wolf "loped" or "trotted" towards her in response to her elk bugle and may have jumped up on a pile of logs. Here's one from the Spokesman-Review:

    A 55-year-old woman from Headquarters, Idaho, told a newspaper she was glad to be packing a .44 magnum to boost her confidence when a very large wolf responded to her elk bugle by trotting in to within 10 feet.

    That was a fatal mistake — for the wolf.

    Rene Anderson told the Clearwater Tribune of Orofino (read the story here) that she put down her bow and drew her Smith & Wesson handgun as the wolf jumped up on a pile of logs very close to her on Sept. 25. She dispatched the wolf, which reportedly weighed more than 100 pounds, with four close-range shots.

    The wolf paid the ultimate price for being so bold. Top wolf scientists say hunters are doing a favor for society and the wolves themselves by eliminating bold wolves from the population before they hurt someone.

    Incidentally, Anderson was alone on a ridge when the incident happened. She called her husband to come an get her on his ATV, and then waited anxiously, on the alert in case other wolves were in the area.

    No elk showed up.

    I don't dispute the comments above about her prowess with firearms or frankly how large her 'balls' might be. Heck, if it was me, you'd likely be reading my obituary instead of looking at a pic of a dead wolf.

    But I can't help wonder if the wolf might have simply run off after firing a warning round instead of pumping four "close range shots" into it? Guess that's why I'm not a hunter.

  2. Maybe the biggest understatement of the year!
  3. As usual I have nothing worthwhile to contribute but.... :rofl:

    I shot a half road killed deer that wandered onto a buddies property in the head with a 44 mag. The entry hole was around silver dollar size and the exit wound was about the size of a grapefruit. The round exited on the side of the neck about 6'' below the jaw. Not everyone shoots hollow points.
  4. Dont forget the Western WA deer... any of these critters can be real dangerous if they have gang affiliations!

  5. Looks like he enjoyed it
  6. That lady is a wimp. I'd have killed the wolf with the Bow cause I'm that bad ass :)
  7. :rofl:I call BS on her story. Why was she bugling for elk IN THE DARK? Was she jacklighting them? And how did she see the wolf jump up on a log IN THE DARK?

    I think she was tired of the neighbor's HuskyShepardGreatDane mix constantly begging for Scooby Snax, shot the poor bastard and then posed with her piece by its paw and concocted some BS story for the Weekly World News.

    Shooting shit at night...................:rofl::rofl:
  8. Or maybe, just maybe...she had to call for her partner, when he finally got there she retold him what had happened, after the adrenaline wore off they thought "hey, take a pic of me with this thing". But by then of course....it had gotten dark. Or maybe not.
  9. Hey PT.....would the opposite of "every other guy is packing" be "every other guy isn't packing?".

    50% is 50%! ZING!

    This thread has gotten silly anyway with that Betty White quote.
  10. I blame the furries for the entire controversy.

  11. From this thread I see urban dwellers have different perceptions than people that live in rural areas

    206 ( west side) wolf

    509 ( east side) wolf
  13. WTF is a wolf furry? This shit is hilarious!

    Soon someone will post up 3 wolves howling.
  14. If you guys want to see wolves regularly, come up here as soon as the snow starts to fly.

    That said,

    I am surprised and let down that a sensationalized wolf thread draws so much message board attention and responses. That makes the apathy from the majority of the masses ignoring the things you can actually do something even more appalling. If the state of your rivers got this sort of attention regularly, the political situation revolving around your rivers and waterways would more than likely change.
  15. A furry is one of two things, both fucking strange:

    A person fascinated with animal drawings with anthropomorphic features.
    A person who actually believes they are an animal drawing with anthropomorphic features.

    Furries have huge conventions where massive orgies occur with people dressed as or costumed up as animals. No I am not joking. One of the earliest sub-cultures to emerge out of the internet, back before www even. Strange shit.
  16. I hardly think a discussion about wolves can tell you anything about apathy of the masses but I have seen people make that stretch many times.

    I have seen threads on this board that have changed restaurants menus across the northwest. I have watched as river clean up outing have been suggested, planned and successfully carried out on this board. I have seen where email campaigns have changed political views and provided significant input to instigate rule changes. The list of things accomplished by the members of this board goes on beyond the few things I have listed. Is this the apathy you are referring to?
  17. My rivers? Dude have you had too much Labatts and Poutine or something? You've been in B.C for like 2 years, they're your rivers too....Damn part time Canadians, I tell ya!?!
  18. It looks like he knows what cougars are about as well.

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