Washington we have a problem ( wolf attack )

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    Ding ding ding. The original version is appallingly misleading. The ticketed hunter mis-identified the target (and apparently didn't do a great job of shooting it). Not that it's always easy to distinguish between a black and a brown, but easy/not-easy isn't the point: it is the hunter's obligation to do so. Hence the ticket.
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    The only reason it gets a lot of attention is because most of us here refuse to take it seriously. Instead of a polarized conversation full of hatemongering, you have a bunch of assholes (myself included) making light of what's obviously a viral propaganda attempt. Most of us kill steelhead, an equally magnificent animal, so it's going to be hard to get fly fisherman riled up from the green perspective (for that matter, these are, essentially, hatchery wolves).

    If you look at how "up in arms" most other boards are over the subject, you'll see retarded freepers wishing death on environmentalists and retarded environmentalists wishing death via wolf on anyone with a gun. All over a picture with zero verifiable facts except that a female bowhunter in idaho shot a wolf. Furry porn is so much more entertaining and actually makes a little more sense.
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    ...but if you post a pic of a dead hatchery fish everyone would applaud you. From what little I've read if you skip the sensationlized BS there's a real concern from hunters and ranchers. If you choose to focus on this type of propoganda then that's what you'll get.
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    Both sides have valid concerns, but they'll never be heard because of all the hyperbole involved.
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    I would agree Flyborg. Facts aren't newsworthy, but given who's in charge of managing the resource and it's impact on fellow sportsman's activities I would expect a better understanding of the issues.
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    Just like every topic out there today. Thank god for a sensationalizing media and the two party system. Deadlock forever! If nothing gets done, then nobody can ever claim to have won while you lost.
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    They reported that they watched the bear from 60 yards away for several minutes. Anyone who can't tell the difference at that distance after several minutes should not be allowed to hunt. That entire story got uglier and uglier as the facts came out.
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    Holy shit, where in the hell do you come up with this stuff? I could have gone through the rest of my life w/o knowing this :beathead:
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    There are active, vigorous, violent wolf packs on the St. Joe and Kelly Creek. All Washington residents should continue to pay for out-of-state fishing licenses and proceed to fish only Fernan Lake and the Spokane River below Post Falls Dam. Where the wolves ain't, the rednecks who shot them is.
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    Never ever travel over Bluit therz may be wulffs. Wulffs kill peoples yaz knowz.
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    What a woman! Is she available? Women with guns can be very dangerous and sometimes sexy too! I think I'm in love! I'll dream about her tonight.
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    The apathy I was referring to was all the people who come out of the woodwork to reply and rant on this while ignoring the other stuff, Kerry. Sorry if I ruffled your feathers. It wasn't pointed at you.

    And yes they are my waters too, but not my home waters. I think globally, but act locally.
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    You didn't ruffle my feathers. Most have fallen out anyway. Again I don't see the apathy. I don't see "people coming out of the woodwork". This thread got a lot of attention and most of it from folks having a little fun at the expense of those who tried to be serious about the danger of wolves. I guess we can't have fun on the internet or it is mistaken as apathy or worse; coming out of the woodwork.
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    Holy crap, are you mounting that wolf? Mounting it in public too? That may account for some of the strange noises we heard coming out of the Super C!
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    Ya...nothin' like takin' down some smokin hot, in heat, she-wolf in broad daylight to make a guy's day.
    I think she was attracted to the scent of that bagel I had in my pocket. Once I got her hair slicked back, she was ready. If I'd only had my clown shoes on, I could have got more forward purchase, but they were at the shoemaker's for a badly needed spruce-up.
    Know what I'm sayin' Broheim?
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    That's the nice thing about a 5-year old wolf: you slick back their hair, and they look like they're 4.
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    The orignal post states that granny 6 shooter killed the wolf with one shot to the head with a 44. The newspaper story said it took 4 shots. No internet B.S. going on here.