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    Had a discussion the other day with one of the site visitors. He's been on the site for a bit but was unaware of the site's depth beyond just the forum. Given that I thought I'd cover the sites sections below with a few notes and additional info you wouldn't know about otherwise. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions go ahead and add them here.

    Site General:
    • Site Activity: October Stats, November Stats
    • Hosting: Yep, WFF is a web host, given the site is busy enough to require a large dedicated server. With that, I offer free hosting to clubs, and competitive hosting to small businesses. Keep it in mind if you're in need.

    WFF Board: (6800 Registered, 20 New Daily, 25K Threads, 221K Posts)

    WFF Gallery: (14K Photos, 7.2M views, 7.34 Gigs Disk Space)
    It's not just fish porn, which there is a lot of. Take some time to explore the categories and sub-cateogries. There were 25 fly swaps in 2006 alone, and all of them have photos of the swapped flies represented in the gallery.​

    Resources:: - - WFF Tides: (130 WA Stations, 32 OR Stations), River flow station links, Knot Guide, Shop listings, Weather
    • If you haven't seen the WFF Tides pages, you should take a second to become acquainted as I consider it one of WFF's better resources. A lot of work went into the format and function of the tides section. Note that on the default calendar view that data is displayed when you hover over a given day. The text view tab area is useful when searching for large tide height differences, for those that focus on flow speed when fishing SRC, etc.

    Gear Program:

    Available items, program rules and instructions are listed in the 'WFF Gear Program' forum.​

    If you're not familiar with the gear program, it's purpose is to bridge you guys with the manufacturers. Gear is made generally available for extended demo usage so you can become familiar with it on your outing. It's also for general usage (occasional only) in trade for your review of the product.​

    • Fetha Styx Rods: 4wt 9' 4pc
    • K-Pump for Inflatables: kp100, kp200 & kp40 models
    • TFO TiCR Rods: 4wt 9' 4pc, 6wt 9' 4pc, 8wt 9' 4pc, 10wt 9' 4pc
    • TFO Pro Rods: 4wt 9' 4pc, 6wt 9' 4pc, 8wt 9' 4pc
    • Sportgear.ca Chest / Back Packs: Tulli Horizon chest pack
    • Thomas & Thomas Helix Rods: 4wt 9' 4pc, 6wt 9' 4pc, 8wt 9' 4pc
    • Sage FLi Rods: 6wt 9' 4pc, 8wt 9' 4pc
    • Sage XP Rod: 4wt 9' 4pc
    • Shelbyville Rod Company: Rebel series 4wt 9' 4pc
    • Water Master Kickboats: 2 Kodiak model boats fully loaded.

    Status': WaterMasters should be back to WFF in the next 2 weeks. The T&T Helix 8wt is out for repair. The Fetha Styx 4wt & Shelbyville 4wt have just been added. Reels from Orvis are in route which will finally allow for the line program.​

    Articles: (95 Articles in 8 Categories, 460K views)
    • Also note that the glossary has 200 terms covered. More soon.
    • If you're interested in adding an article let me know! Thanks!

    Directory: (379 Website Links in 56 Categories)
    • It's a nifty resource with sales sites kept off to keep it info based. Add to it on your own if there is a site you feel is worthy to be added. Note the 'Add Link' option within every category.

    • Adding to the existing equipment in the gear program which includes lines spooled and ready to fish. Lines are being collected now, your input is welcome. Help putting together custom cut lines of all sorts is very much welcome.
    • Adding to the Tides station list, to include California and B.C.
    • Ocean surface temperature maps. The data has been found, looking into the process of building the images. Low priority project, but would be very useful, especially to those of us who target tuna out from the Columbia come about July - Sept.
    • Offer again WFF hats, and expand to include other hats, stickers and shirts.
    • Tying competition.
  2. Jeremy Floyd

    Jeremy Floyd fly fishing my way through life

    The gallery definitely has some good fish pr0n in it..
  3. John Hicks

    John Hicks Owner and operator of Sea Run Pursuits

    Chris, expanding the sticker and hat program to that of T-shirts and sweatshirts would be great.

    Chris's reply... Ordered 15 dozen hats yesterday (standard tan hats, along with the same hat in blue). Already got the cold weather hats. Working on shirts now. Stickers ordered, will try to offer more than just white. I'll add this to the project list.
  4. Chris,
    This site is bad AS_! Thanks!
    I would like to say that I appreciate your support in making available the "anglers sign program," Via PDf format if I can ever get it started, seems like it's slow to go??
    But in the interim I'd like to say thanks for you hard work.
    Frank Rutledge

    Chris's reply... As that efforts direction hasn't been finalized yet I can't say it's actually a project.
  5. PT

    PT Physhicist

    Thanks for letting us all sit at your dinner table.:thumb:
  6. Well a little too soon yes, but thanks for even saying that you'd help where you could, should it get going.
  7. tythetier

    tythetier Fish Slayer

    WOW :eek:


  8. Porter

    Porter Active Member

    :thumb: sums it up for me...great site/members/resources :)
  9. Sloan Craven

    Sloan Craven Active Member

    "Keep on keepin' on!"
  10. The site has proved to be a super tool for me, and I'm finding new features on it all the time. Your summary above, Chris, has helped in that regard. It's also a treat to meet guys on the river/beach whom I'm familiar with through this site. I've been wondering about the tide tables section lately, though: seems it doesn't show 2007 tides yet--at least not on my computer. Thanks for a great job overall. I'm wondering how you find the time.
  11. wadin' boot

    wadin' boot Donny, you're out of your element...

    Love the site, love the folks who read it and contribute to it. How about transferring some of those cool photos into a WFF Calender? Yesterday I got two crappy calenders- the choice at Bartells was down to bible verses, puppies, kittens, or national parks. Went for the national parks, but would have got one with Fish porn if one was available.
  12. Backyard

    Backyard SANCHO!


    :beer2: :rofl:
  13. Zen Piscator

    Zen Piscator Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.

    I find it interesting that there are a few other "state" oriented fly fishing web pages but NOTHING else compares. This is probably the best all around fly fishing website anywhere on the web when you take all aspects into consideration.

    I think having a casting section with instructional videos might really add depth to the place.

    Put Anil on the one hander as he is the smoothest caster I have ever seen.

    Steve Buckner on the two handed stick, hands down the best spey caster and teacher I have ever had the pleasure to work with!

    Chris's reply... Casting & tying video. I've got a few that would be down for adding to this effort, but it's pretty difficult to pull together. I haven't even got a video camera at the moment.
  14. Dan

    Dan Member

    Chris's reply... Casting & tying video. I've got a few that would be down for adding to this effort, but it's pretty difficult to pull together. I haven't even got a video camera at the moment.[/QUOTE]


    Not too difficult if you're using a Mac.

    Actually, Steve has a couple of casting clips on his site.

    Otherwise, I think that there are some folks on this site that have the time, tools and talent to put some cool stuff together.

    I love the idea of a fly tying clip of the month.
  15. salt dog

    salt dog card shark

    Wow indeed....those those numbers are staggering, but understandable. Props to Chris for a well run site, and the contributors that make it worthwhile to peak at everyday.
  16. Keith Hixson

    Keith Hixson Active Member

    It's therapy: Those of us whose addiction is fly fishing, this site becomes therapy during the long winter months and when the rivers are high and muddy. Its a psychologist's couch for those who are addicted to fly fishing.:eek:

  17. flybill

    flybill Purveyor of fine hackle, wine & cigars!

    Very nice Chris!! I didn't realize that there are so many registered members, since I seem to see the same core group most of the time.

    It's nice to see you're getting the Watermaster's back into the gear program and thanks for everything else.

    Yes, your tide program is great!! You told me what went into getting that up and running and we really need to take advantage of it! :beer2:

    Thanks for a great site!! :cool: :beer2:
  18. Congratulations, Chris. This site (if not its members ... just joking ...) has been a class act for a long time.
  19. seanengman

    seanengman Trout have no politics

    Where, when and how do I go about buying some WFF gear. Gotta flaunt to my friends that I'm a fly fisherman now. Peace.
  20. Craig Hardt

    Craig Hardt aka Nagasaurus

    Thank you to Chris and everyone else who keeps the site up and running!

    Would it be possible to provide a version of the WFF fish graphic for use in decals for custom rods (or to add to existing rods for that matter)?

    There are a few companies that will produce decals given a graphic to work with...but I realize that the volume might be really low and it probably would not be worth it for WFF to order the decals. I'd be willing to purchase such a graphic for decal usage if it existed.