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  1. That's HOT and Thanks Chris for all the hard work...
  2. decals? get it tattooed on yer arse like the rest of us!!!!!! :cool:


    This place is a giant extended family, complete with crazy in-laws, drunken uncles, wild cousins and lots of unbelievably talented fisherfolk..........great times ptyd
  3. Chris,

    The scope of this site never ceases to amaze me. It would probably take a lifetime to read through all the archieved information here.

    Did someone mention cold weather hats?

  4. Best website and avatars in the world!

    Thanks to Chris and the moderators.

  5. Thanks Chris for a great site. The tide charts rock.
  6. With 6800 members it seems like we should be able to collaborate on one effort and make a difference together. Here's what I propose: Once a year we open nominations for a charity or organization to donate money towards. Call it the Annual Washington Fly Fishing Members Campaign or something like that. Nominations should focus on conservation or education, with a bend towards fly fishing in Washington; Hoh River Trust, Friends of Issquah Salmon Hatchery, Washington Trout, etc. Once nominations close we poll the group to choose the organization to support for the year, open up a donations account on Paypal, and at the end of a month (or longer) send all the money to the chosen org. 6800 members at a buck a piece is a chunk of change, not to mention donations from the lurkers out there and out of staters. It might be nice to lend a hand as a unified group. Just a thought.
  7. Great idea! There's some excellent photos here - enough good ones to do a "Fish Porn" as well as a "Scenic Washington" version.

    I'm sure everyone who's contributed a picture would gladly give it up (In regards to copyright) to be a part of something like that

    Chris...wow. Thanks for summing it all up. I had no idea how much ground you were covering with this site. What's it feel like to have created something as all-around excellent as this site?

  8. Chris:
    Re my post (#10). I take it back, mostly. I see now that the tide tables do work, except for the one I use most often (Tacoma Narrows). I can't get that one to display, for some reason.

    Chris's reply... Damn it. Tacoma Narrows along with Vashon Island (Burton, Quartermaster Harbor) were completed during testing of the tides area, and were only run for 2005-2006. Gotta fix an issue with the program that builds the images before I can add additional years. Thanks for the heads up / reminder. Chris.

    Update... Got the admin program working again and now both of the stations listed above are up to date through 2010.
  9. Chris,

    While reading the thread this morning on publishing, it hit me that this site has a lot of aspiring and experienced writers, publishers, photographers, guides, and the such.


    It would be a great idea to add a forum on the business end of this fly fishing thing we do. I found that thread extremly informing and idea provoking.

  10. Chris this site is totally gay!

  11. John, it's in the works.

    MacRowdy, sorry no and don't plan on switching it in that direction. Sorry if that crushes your MacDreams! And moving forward, you REALLY need to log out of your PC before letting SAK in your house. :)
  12. haha ok ok gotcha. That was a good one! You can fix it now. Flippin hacker action shiz!

  13. ...and big boobs! Uh, I mean... BUFFOONS!. Yeah... big buffoons.... that's the ticket. :D
  14. I'm fairly new to the site, but have learned so much in the short time. Thank you for all your hard work in making this probably the best resource to fly fishers!:thumb:

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