Washingtonion's are getting a bad rap!

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by tediousthumper, May 24, 2011.

  1. Washitonion's are getting a bad rap!

    Redrocket: that is a life changing experience, glad you survived.
  2. Washitonion's are getting a bad rap!

    I'd say from the responses so far, that there is much validity to the criticism. i would think to open some new dialog and finger pointing, that its the arrogance from western washington, or should i say probably, maybe king and snohoe counties that don't do us much good. anyone from or near that joke of a city called seattle, is going to be under a little more scrutiny, and its well earned.
  3. Washitonion's are getting a bad rap!

    Oh good, another episode of one loosely-affiliated group of humans hating another loosely-affiliated group for no good reason beyond a few run-ins with the "other people". At least this one is harmless and unlikely to lead to bloodshed unlike many wars through history. Next topic.
  4. Washitonion's are getting a bad rap!

    Because I date outside of family doesn't mean I'm arrogant. Edmonds, where men are men and women are damn glad of it;)
  5. Washitonion's are getting a bad rap!

    1. I suspect many of the people bitching about Washingtonians "crowding" Rock Creek and other rivers were not even born when many of us started fishing them regularly. So who's crowding the river, the out-of-state veteran, or the local newb?

    2. I've found that many people in Idaho and Montana who like to bitch about out-of-state anglers are not natives themselves.

    3. Residents of a state that depends heavily tourism and federal handouts should think twice before complaining about tourists.

    4. Yes, visiting anglers should support the local shops ($$$) if they expect any decent info. Quid pro quo.

    5. Your friends need to get with the times. Spokanistan is what we call it now.
  6. Washitonion's are getting a bad rap!

    When I first moved here I said I was from Marysville. I told them it was north of Everett. I never even mentioned Seattle.. I never did like going to the City.

    When I was younger I didn't mind going there, but when I got older I stayed away from it.
  7. Washitonion's are getting a bad rap!

    Seattle is not a "city"; it's just a large town. As such, it doesn't spawn its own culture of lunatic rude and pushy people. In fact, compared with my home town of Chicago, my only complaint about Seattle is how lackadaisical many of its residents seem to be. A city that consumes so much coffee should be on edge more. At minimum, they should drive above the speed limit in the left lane. THAT is something real to complain about Seattle!
  8. Washitonion's are getting a bad rap!

    Doesn't do any good to wash yer onions. Yer still gonna cry when you start slicin' 'em! Try rinsing the knife blade between cuts instead. Works for me.
  9. Washitonion's are getting a bad rap!

    Hey Jim, You and me both! I haven't been to Seattle in over ten years. And that was just driving by on eyesore 5 a few times on my way north, and returning. Last time I actually got off the freeway and went into the city was in the early 90's. Closest call since then was when I had to take a flight back to Seatac from Las Vegas airport in 06 or 07 after driving to southern Utah with a friend, arrived here after dark and another friend picked me up.
  10. Washitonion's are getting a bad rap!

    that's it. . . .the next Montanan I see I'm gonna sock him in the face just for thinking that.
  11. I let my bothers drive with their Montana plates, or I mention that I lived in

    Havre and am on my way to visit my in-laws who have lived in Montana their whole lives.

    Actually, I have never had any problems,but I avoid Rock Creek like the plague.
  12. Washitonion's are getting a bad rap!

    We ARE rude and disrespectful. Just watch us drive.
  13. Washitonion's are getting a bad rap!

    What's the last words the Montanan said before he died? "Watch this!"

    Whats the last thing he heard before he died? "Dude, yer doin' it!"
  14. Washitonion's are getting a bad rap!

    Numbers 1 and 2 are total bullshit, as for # 3 I wish you a fond farewell upon your retirement( hope it's soon)
  15. Washitonion's are getting a bad rap!

    No, those are people from places like Chicago and Boston who just moved here or are visiting. The real Seattle drivers are the ones who drive their 1982 Subarus 50mph in the left lane on I-90, stall in the middle of the 520 bridge because they forgot to get gas, and don't use their turn signals because communicating in any form with strangers is to be avoided at all costs.
  16. Washitonion's are getting a bad rap!

    My kinda girls. Them folks hate on you Washington fellas because of: THE BEAD!
  17. Washitonion's are getting a bad rap!

    thats BS there is dumb people everywhere not just in WA. Montana is awesome but there dumb disrespectful people from there and all over the world too. They are mad cause WA is becoming a world class fishery state.
  18. Washitonion's are getting a bad rap!

    World Class? Where the hell is that statement from?
  19. Washitonion's are getting a bad rap!

    Regarding points #1 & 2, hit a nerve did we??

    As for #3, not nearly soon enough. I'll miss you too ;)
  20. Washitonion's are getting a bad rap!

    I guess you've never been to Georgia or other parts of the south? What shitholes FILLED with shitty people!!! I've been in 49 of the 50 states (Delaware is the only one I've missed) and I can tell you while not perfect Washington is a great place, I miss it now that I live in Minnesota. You're definately correct that people are very geniuine in the Midwest!

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