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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by James Waggoner, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. Just got my new Water Master Kodiac and can't seem to get that thing pumped up faster than about 15min and its a lot of work with that kit supplied foot pump. Anybody have a better alternative, besides a powered pump? I want a pump for river side use, already have a powered pump for the vehicle.

    By the way it's a great looking boat. I'm very excited to get it on the water and see how she handles.
  2. K pump 200
    K pump 100 if you are trying to save weight and space. Slower than the 200.
    Great pumps!
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  3. Ditto, K pump all the way. However, if I am not packing my WM in, I use a small cheap $10 electric pump that plugs into the cigarette lighter. This pump gets it 90-95% full and I top of with the K pump.

  4. LVM 12v Inflator Pump, then top-off with K-200 Pump. Takes about 12 - 16 pump strokes per fore and aft section to top-off to 3.0 psi, and allows me to stand straight while pumping (for those of us with funky backs).
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  5. If you are looking to fully inflate without any electric power... you can look into the K-Pump: K-400 or K-40. They are dual mode air pumps that have a high volume/low pressure, and low volume/high pressure mode. I believe Brian Miller stated that even the smaller K-40 cut his inflation time by more than half over the foot pump. I understand they are quite a bit heavier though, kind of like two pumps in one.
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  6. K Pump. Best damned pump ever invented. Period. I was introduced to one at a club raffle. My buddy won it, but gave it to me since he already had several pumps. I have used that thing for years, always mentioning to him as we get ready to fish, "Hey, did you see this neat pump I got?". Drove him crazy. Finally, last year he showed up at the lake with a K pump of his own. What's really great is you can take them along on your float.
  7. Would the K200 be faster then the regular foot pump?
  8. I've got a few cheap 12v pumps so I'm covered there. I had cheap small $10 hand pump for my pac9000 it worked awesome to top off and even did pretty well on a full inflation. That's one reason why the K pump seems so appealing as it to is hand operated not foot operated.
  9. Bravo II foot pump gets my vote. I am on my 2nd one, although the 1st I sold with a boat and it was working fine. The trick is to modify it with an automotive hose in place of the crappy yellow one that comes with it. If you're going to be using your arms to row all day you might as well give your legs a work out in the morning with a foot pump.
  10. Yes!
  11. After some thinking, I reasoned if watermaster makes a fine boat why wouldn't their pump be on parr? After some messing around I found that if I inflate the boat with the valve in the open position for the first 90% or so it aired up pretty quick. 375 pumps and about 9 minuets to pullout of bag and inflate. That's not to bad, I can live with that. I'll still carry 12v pump in the truck.

    Thanks everyone for the input...I just wih those k pumps were smaller.

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  12. That is a good tip James. Even when using a electric pump, I keep them open.
  13. I've been using watermasters since 2001 and have never used a manual pump other than the foot pump. I did pick up the 12v with car adapter a few years ago for use at drive-to launches. But 10 minutes with a foot pump isn't a deal breaker for me.
  14. Shifting gears...on the watermaster video, part 1, it says the waterproof bag just clips into the cargo area...How? I'm pretty clever but I can't seem to figure that part out.

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