Water master on big wayer?

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by PontoonerinOregon, Dec 27, 2008.

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    Not really. That doesn't have a lot of the features that make the Wm style unique. It has a floor, so the whole control the boat with your feet thin isn't there, it uses a double paddle instead of oars locked in. I don't want a real raft. I will get a pontoon before I get a normal raft. The WM is sort of a hybrid though, and that is what I like about it. Does anyone know if you could add on some sort of floor onto the front quater of the boat for storage areas? I think it would be pretty easy to do. That way you would have the cargo area in the back and the smaller area in the front, but you still have the open floor to kick with and stand up. Anyone tried this?
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    Watermaster is the only one to make a removable floor and it's full size. I think you need to see one of these rafts to fully understand what your asking about. I have the same raft as Bill , which is the same size as the WM Grizzly. When you have your feet/fins out of the water resting on the foot straps, you cover the entire front section: no room for a 'half' floor. In fact, when I'm setting up for a run in some white water, I'll brace myself with the fins against the inside of the tube.. kinda 'locks' you in and you get a better purchase on the oars. I only used the raft bag once[for a day trip] and realized it takes up too much room. Bought a quality roll top duffel and made straps so it sits on the top of the rear tube. These type of rafts are realy great platforms, but in my opinion, they need to be customized to become a great 'fishing' platform: dry bag that is accessible yet out of the way, side mesh bags for fly boxes and misc. gear, rod holder and a large enough cooler for day trips[also helps as a back rest]. I even designed my own anchor system. If you want, send me a PM and I can send you some pictures. The WM Kodiak has a lot more room for storage behind the seat, but it's 50% heavier and your sitting on padded plywood, unless you buy the removable seat, which adds even more weight. One boat can't do it all, but the Abel/EXP with it's light weight and inflatable seat was a perfect choice for me.
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    Just piling on at this point. I have a Watermaster because it's superior to what I had been using: an Achilles LT II. The WM is more seaworthy than the Achilles. I've used the Achilles on multi-day Grand Ronde float trips and day floats for trout fishing on the SF Snake when it was running 20,000 cfs. I have every confidence in using the WM for Alaska multi-day floats on rivers up to Class III. The WM is more than up to the tasks you outlined in your opening post in this thread.

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    I have decided to get a Kodiak. I will be in Dillon this Summer to look at Um-Western and I will also be going through Missoula to look at Um. I will swing by the factory there and Waer Strider in nHamilton. Now I need to get a hold of $1300
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    I've never rowed a boat named a "watermaster". I have rowed in many whitewater runs a boat called a float and tote. So am basing my knowledge on that. Yes, I know the runs on the Deschutes you're talking about, and I'm guessing you're Colorado runs are actually in Colorado, say Gore Canyon maybe? Ran that many a times. I wouldn't do it oarless though. But have taken the float and tote through Bear Creek on the Duc and Hells Half Mile on the Calawah, and throughout the Toutle from the park down. So gave it a good test run. But saying I haven't rowed a Grizzly by WM doesn't mean I can't figure how it'd react compared to other boats similar to it that I've run. I do believe WM bought F n T? Or turned into WM?

    Onto windblocks. Mass is mass. So if you look at any boat, if you have so much mass out of the water, it'll push against the wind. So low to the water, high to the water, look at mass, not height.
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    I have had one for years and love them. I do everything in mine from the OP to multi day trips in Montana. Go get a bunch of d-rings the more the better and trick it out. Have Fun !!!

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