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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Ed Call, Nov 19, 2010.

  1. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    I'm going to send these questions to Rich at Big Sky Inflatables, but maybe some of the collective brain trust knows...

    My 2004 Kodiak oar locks are attached with some black urethane looking glue. These oarlocks have about 1/2 the surface area as the newer oarlocks. Can the old ones be removed? No? Gentle heat?

    Additionally, what type of glue is used to adhere things to the boat? I have some replacement water master oar locks that I'm going to add to my little Saturn raft but after adding my D ring patches and glue on scotty rod holder base I'm out of the glue that came with my kit from Big Sky.

    Off to google some info, but hoping that I can get anwsers and supplies soon. I have two boats inflated in the living room...and lots of angry looks!

  2. Trout Master Active Member

    It depends on the material it is made out of. If it is pvc or hapolon use staybond and wipe area to be glue with mek first. Careful with the mek as I repaired my old southfork in my living room and had some mek on a rag and set it on the coffee table for like 30 seconds and it removed the finish right down to the bare wood!!!!
  3. Alex MacDonald Dr. of Doomology

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    Make sure the plastic bag you put the glue in doesn't have holes before you put it over your head; get the full effect!!
  4. PT Physhicist

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    ummmm.... Even if we respond aren't you still going to contact the company? They probably have the actual answers you're looking for.

    Just sayin'.
  5. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    I have contacted them and await a response...sometimes you can get fast responses here from folks that know their shit and have done the same thing you are trying to do...sometimes you don't.
  6. JesseC Active Member

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    Leave your watermaster alone damnit.

  7. themaninthemoon Just waiting on warmer weather, .......

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    Hey Ed,
    I agree with what Troutmaster said about the MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone), very adaptable solvent. Used to work for an Avery company subsidiary called Thermark. They used to make about 65% of all the automotive plastics used in the industry. Highly volatile substance too. Not sure you really want to use it in the livingroom as it can be some really smelly, (odorous), stuff. (And under the right conditions they could make you go blind, or worse.) We utilized all types of solvents there (thirty years ago). They could pull 1/2 the town's water supply in case of a fire, but I still think it would have been too little, too late. They had all types of solvents to be used for the different industry's markets.
    Used improperly, (spilled), it'll (just might), probably melt your toon into a pile of goo, right there in your livingroom. So I'd say that you need to use it in a well ventilated area, with a minimum of a good handful of dry rags with a high absorbency rating. You could also reduce over exposure by limiting the amount of solvent that your using to a tablespoon or two. Test the solvent's qualities by using on a scrap piece 1st. Same for what ever type of cement your going to use. Try it out on a scrap piece 1st. Technology is a wonderful thing but can also be dangerous if any/all precautions aren't taken. You'll need to read up & do your homework on this stuff Ed, ....for the safety of your family, if for nothing else.
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    WHOA! MEK is nasty nasty nasty stuff. Don't use that without a respirator and adequate ventilation. Seriously.

    I use to have a job where I had to work with MEK, we didn't go near it without a mask, it's also highly flammable. Yes it is very effective paint thinner and general solvent... BUT BE VERY CAREFUL, if you decide to use it, and read the MSDS sheet first.
  9. Trout Master Active Member

    we used the Mek on the area to be glued, just wipe it on both pieces to be glued then apply the glue, I have repaired a 24" cut in my south fork pontoon with MEK and staybond, the repair has lasted 4 years. Yes do it in a well ventilated area. But me I like the craziness it does it gives me dain bramage!
  10. themaninthemoon Just waiting on warmer weather, .......

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    Hey there Ed,
    I think I found the site you're looking for so here you go,


    Had it in my bookmarks, just took me a little while to find it,

    but download/open their pdf catlogue, it has all you need to build/fabricate your own "toon", with everything you need, .... & then some.
    Go figure, ...

    Hoosier friend, .......
  11. Brian Miller Be vewy vewy qwiet, I'm hunting Cutthwoat Twout

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    Try giving them a call too.
  12. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    You guys said leave it alone. Rich responded to tell me to leave it alone. I got some good info from him and some good info from you all. Thanks.