Water Masters 'hung-up' in Customs

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Gregg Lundgren, Mar 24, 2010.

  1. Oops! I guess I didn't do all my homework before ordering January 4th. I thought they were made in the USA.

    Is this a recent change? I guess somewhere along my journey, I built this false assumption. I am now officially nervous.

  2. I think when the new owner took over they outsourced the base raft and then finish things up in house. Since the WFF WM's were replaced we've had those outsourced rafts. Haven't had a problem yet, save for the new oars.

  3. Thanks Chris. That's good to know. Glad to find out my boat won't be from their first ever offshore production run. That would surely increase the odds of Murphy come a calling. Hope they don't fall too far behind schedule. Great fishing is just ahead.
  4. I was on the phone with the guy at Big Sky last week and I got the impression that it's just the material that's hung up at customs and that the rafts are still built in MT. I have a raft bottom on order that I will be waiting another month for.
  5. Greggor, if you didn't specify it, I'd suggest the option for the size d-rings in the back for the cargo net. I also got d-rings on both ends for pull handles, although most of the time you can just stand up, turn around and lift/carry the boat from the inside with the handles in the middle just fine. Get the LVM pump.
  6. Hi Greg! Why don't you call them and find out where the rafts are being made?! It's your dime, so I'm sure they will let you know. Just out of curosity, Email me with what you find out. I'm sure it will be well made, but if it's these guys, you can sleep well!!http://www.inceptmarine.com/ BTW... I haven't forgot and I will get those pictures to you on the mods I've done to my raft!
  7. Chris,

    Which new oars and what's the problem. I am about to order some for my Wilderness Access EXP (the material for which comes from New Zealand--a great and well made boat).
  8. Bill, I have the same raft although mine is old enough that it says ABEL Travel Craft. You are dead on about the quality of these rafts...I've had mine for 7 1/2 years and I'd be shocked if I didn't have another7-8 years in it! What oars are you looking at? I'm always interested in upgrades! I think our rafts are completely made at Incept. Here's a link from the Waterstrider web site showing their rafts ready to ship!http://www.waterstrider.com/water-strider-raft-design-details.htm
  9. Sportsman,

    WM has an upgraded oar set. They are about 6" longer, but should give more pow. My boat looks brand new, and I have had it for about 3-4 years. I find myself taking it instead of my super fat cat (which is also awesome in its own right) when fishing stillwater, and use it on rivers. I like it better than the WM's because it has the inflated seat. Two of my buddies had Abel travel Craft and put me on the trail of this. God, they're well made. I was looking at a WM Kodiak to get more cargo space, but the WA is the same size as the large WM.

  10. Wilderness Access, Waterstrider, Watermaster, pretty much the same thing at conception given they work under the same patent. Same if you compare the WM Grizzly. The WM Kodiak is larger and, IMO, rows better and handles bigger water better. Won't compare material, build quality, customer service or anything else for that matter, haven't beat up on those others.

    The oars they used to offer were all black, which I believe were carlisles. The new one's, alum / silver. The new one's will hold up okay with one owner, but in the WFF gear program the newbies tend to trash them pretty quickly. It's not as much of a problem with someone that is used to them and puts them together correctly.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    You can upgrade to the oars to anything you like, just drill the hole. You just need to ensure they are small and light enough so you don't end up over stressing the mounts.
  11. Thanks, Chris.

    I'm thinking of getting the new, longer WM oars.
  12. Waiting patiently(?) for the (originally mid-March, now) early April delivery with a scheduled trip planned and not much wiggle room. Still waiting for a fix for my new Alpha reels, and lines from H&H too. What's a guy to do?
  13. Gents, don't overlook the two WM's in Chris' gear program if the timelines of your deliveries put trips at risk. He brought them to the Hoh Down and a few folks spent some time on the river in them. I know for sure Ryan Davie and Bitterroot spent time in them and both reported to have a blast. Ryan even landed a nice steelhead near our takeout on the last float. Maybe there is some good fish karma or mojo there. I hope all your gear arrives in time for your trip and that your trip is epic.
  14. Shhh, Rich knows I have a trip scheduled but may read this forum. ;)

    Seriously, Thanks Ed. Chris' place is over an hour away from my home but I have already considered it. Also, my boat was ordered as the Expedition package plus a few (nice to have IMHO) options that the WFF demo did not come with like the seat upgrade and a couple of other extras as mentioned in the WFF Gear Program - Water Master Kickboats :: Kodiak & Grizzly thread.
  15. Bill, when you mentioned looking at 'new' oars' ithought you were referring to oars from EXP or Waterstrider. I've tried the oars that come with the Kodiaks thinking they might be better, but for myself, I didn't think it was an improvement. I was the same as far as the super fat cat never getting any use and ended up selling it! Chris is right as far as the history of these kickboats...the same 2 guys[ and for a while there was a third] designed and built them all. The biggest difference between the WA/waterstrider and the Grizzly is the WA uses Urethane and a lighter polyester material for the 'sandwhich' and the Grizzly[andKodiak] uses vinyl and a slightly thicker polyester material....and of course the inflatable seat. I've seen guys with these kind of rafts in different rivers around here and bending or snapping the oars.....usually it's pilot error because they are digging the oar blade way too deep in shallow water or in a boulder run.
  16. I went to REI last night to purchase the "REI Lite-Core Sit Pad" for my future Kodiak seat. They were out of stock, but they did have the "Therm-a-Rest Lite Seat", which had slightly better reviews on-line for $5 more. I intend to use two VELCRO strips oriented fore and aft for fastening and adjustment. No extra material surrounding the seat pad to work with.

    Does anyone know how the VELCRO adhesive strips hold-up over time? Other advice?
  17. Those strips hold up just okay, but they are just a small strip. In other words, you could replace the strip down the road if need be for a couple bucks, and easily. Either way if you're going to use a seat pad that depends on the strip (the WM's seats do not) then you'll need to add more strips. Again, that's easy.

    That said, the nicer seats sold by WM are pretty sweet. Four connection points that keep the back somewhat rigid for a bit of back support.
  18. Sorry Chris, my note wasn't very clear. The seat pad will be used on top of the WM seat providing a bit more cushion for the buttocks. This has come up a few times in previous WM posts as a recommended improvement.
  19. Gotcha. Thus far I've just put up with it, but I see the need as well. Especially on lakes when you're not moving around as much.
  20. The base raft components are from Korea. Incept of New Zealand may have done some of the work in the past, but only for a short time. Rich of BSI(Big Sky Inflatables) seems very satisfied with his current supplier.

    Customs does a random check of shipping containers periodically. The odds of this happening are fairly low, and had never affected BSI before. Because this container held several types of items being shipped to multiple businesses, the inspection process was both deferred and was slower, taking over a week. Just bad luck I guess. The completion of my boat has been delayed from March 31st until May 1st. I just insured you guys of better weather for the remainder of April! lol

    BSI will be manufacturing a small batch of boats to speed-up throughput for those who have been waiting the longest. Less efficient, but better Customer Service. Rich seems like a good guy. Other than the fact he has been difficult to get a hold of recently, he seems focused on a great product and customer satisfaction.

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