Water temp at lenice and nunally?

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by bv, May 25, 2008.

  1. bv Member

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    I am thinking of heading up and fishing tommorow if I can get free. Does anyone know what the water temps are up to? Thanks.
  2. CoastalCutt Member

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    I'd definitely be guessing upper fifties. Possibly lower sixties.
  3. Sageman Member

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    Surface temps at Dry Falls and Jameson were in 63-64F range this last week, I would guess Lenice/Nunally would be roughly the same.
  4. bv Member

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    Sounds good. If I get out I will post a report. Thanks.
  5. Ron Olsen Member

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    Nunnally Saturday water temp 61 degrees. Sunny, no wind, and few fish. Nothing happening. No chironomids coming off, no baetis, a few damsels out. So we fished damsels (though tried it all). Each got 5 or 6, all 18" to 21" and gorgeous fish, but we usually do a lot better. Oh, plus too many pumkinseed sunfish....

    Water clear in the east end, less vis in the west end. No real turn over to speak of. Water level down a bit, weeds are thick. Couldn't really fish a full sinker; got most fish on a dry line with a weighted fly, or as I like to do, a beadhead with a trailer. Five of my six were sight cast just the best way to go! There were eight people on the whole lake.

    None the less a very nice day.

  6. dp ~El Pescador

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    I fished Lenice on Sunday, sorry - do not have the means to take water temp. Mornings are slow this year, did not get into any action until about 11:30.
    Light crowds which was nice. Weather cooperated as well. Wind picked up in the middle of the day but then subsided. Finally found the winning combo with a blood worm or hare's ear.
    They were taking that all afternoon on an intermediate line stripped hard and fast. Huge takes. All rainbows with some nice acrobatics and strong runs.
    Took a time out and went into a shallow bay where I was seeing rises. Fish (large fish) were cruising in and out of this bay feeding. I shortened up my dry line/chiro rig and I was fishing about 30 inches down. I got four fish in 30 minutes and then I think they started figuring it out. What a great time though. I was fishing two chiro with the top one (motor oil) fished about 5 inches below the indicator. I took one fish on the upper. Scared the heck out of me when I saw it come up and take it.
    I fished till 7:00 pm (11 hours) and was rewarded 13 fish during that time.
    I carefully pumped a few fishes stomaches and found assorted chiros - and these were the fish taking the blood worm or hare's ear - go figure. I tried chiro fishing a couple of times in what has been productive areas for me in the past - nada.

    good luck-dp
  7. bv Member

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    I did end up going on Monday. My thermometer battery was dead but it did seem to be in the low 60's. I got nothing in the noon -4pm at East Nunnally except sunfish at will (pumpkinseeds - I don't know?). They were everywhere. I didn't even see a trout. Then I decided to go to Lenice. I got out and found fish immediately. They were finnicky but I was getting tons of hits on different drys and hooking some. As the evening wore on I switched to a shallow nymph set up under an indicator and did quite well. I would get a couple on one then have to switch. I probably switched flies 10-12 times. All had initial sucesses then went slow. Fun night, lots of fish (not as big as they usually are though). Thanks for all the information.