Water temperature cooling down but sea-run cutthroat fishing heating up!

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Roger Stephens, Sep 29, 2013.

  1. of course, more protective river regulations would have far greater impacts for cutthroat than a handling rule in the saltwater. there is far too much harvest allowed, especially the impact bait fishing has on undersized trout (the ones the 14" rule is supposed to protect)


    Watch for posts here on exactly that rule change. I'll be requesting angler support for c&r regs on waters that currently allow harvest, and that fish be kept in the water. I've been advised to target specific streams that have sea run fish in them, and will gladly look into waters that others recommend. I'm in the south end, and will concentrate on the area we're familiar with.
  2. Don:

    It is intuitive! It is when sea-run cutthrout go belly up:D! Just kidding and could not resist!

    Right off hand I didn't have any specific references on how sea-run cutthroat respond to stress except what I have observed after landing a fish. I do know that in Oregon particularly the southern coastal area many studies have been done on sea-run cutthroat by agencies and Oregon State University. With some digging there maybe some pertinent information available. Also, there were two conferences concerning sea-run cutthroat. They were called "Coastal sea-run cutthroat Symposium". The first was held in Reedsport, Ore. in 1995(?) and the second in Port Townsend in 2005. There is a wealth of information in the publications. I cannot find my copies but they are available on-line.

    Curt Kramer probably has some sources of possible references.

    Jim Wallace brings up a good point about dissolved oxygen. Higher water temperature = less dissolved oxygen= more stress to fish.

  3. sounds good, but shouldn't the state have to prove there are healthy enough numbers of wild trout to allow harvest first.... not the other way around? the state does not have the data but still allows harvest of resident rainbows (steelhead genetics) in watersheds with listed wild steelhead.

    any stream that has access to saltwater and below barriers should be c&r for all wild trout year round, not only to protect sea-run cutthroat but because resident rainbow trout are so important to steelhead genetics.

    i know this thread was started about sea-run cutthroat, but what is good for resident rainbows and juvenile steelhead is certainly good for native cutthroat.

    every west side stream that falls under the ESA for steelhead should have no harvest of trout and no bait allowed. anything else is irresponsible.
  4. If you posted an article or journal here backing your side of the story, I missed it. What I do read in this thread and in many others are people who agree that temperatures are a real issue and not just my "emotional response". Closing down waters is not a matter of if but simply a matter of when and it will have little to do with my opinion. My emotions stem from my passion for a cold-water environment that I see disappearing at an alarming rate due to Global Warming. Your emotional insults stem form your own misgivings and do little to further any sensible debates. Nevertheless, know that I will return any and all condescending remarks should you continue to take that road.
  5. Again GT I have never argued that sustained increase temperatures in salmonoid populations has a negative impact on the stress of the fish, what I don't agree with specifically in your argument for closing lakes is the thought that water temperatures at the lakes surface equates to unsafe temperatures for the fish within the whole lake. I was wrong on the 73 degree mark, it was 72 degree. I did find other articles that talked about optimal temperatures in lakes for feeding fell anywhere between 55 to 65 degrees for the aquatic insects that the fish feed on.

    How do you know where my logical (in your words "emotional") comments (you call "insults") stem from? Were you offended by my response that I would continue to disagree with you or that I would continue to challenge you? Were you offended that I mentioned that you respond with emotion versus logic about lakes? I only ask because you seem offended. Which of my remarks did you take as condescending? If you were offended, why did you choose to be offended by my remarks? If you were offended how does seeking offense further the debate?
  6. I am with Smalma, as this water has washed the searun cutt fishing out for another year.
    and i didnt get started, dang !
    not sure if would be worth checking the creek mouths that run into the main river ?
  7. GT, believe it or not your opinion, nor the opinion of others on this board, does NOT constitute any sort of fact. You can babble on all you want about how horrible you think fishing stillwaters in warmer weather is, proving absolutely nothing to anybody, or you can do as you've been asked multiple times in this thread and others and provide some actual documented proof to back up your claim. Seems a pretty simple request, not sure why you continue to ignore it.

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