Waterfowl season start

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    With the recent storm/rains washing out the "S" rivers cutthroat fishing over the week end the timing fo the waterfowl season was prefect! Even though I'm between dogs (the older dog retired - knees and the new pup not yet 6 months) and with getting my first glasses(bifocals) late last fall that really affected my shooting was always less than exceptional I was looking forward to some good times

    Hit a local public spot my son and I have hunted the last 6 or 7 years in our marsh rats. The tide was less than ideal and my son had to fly out Saturday night to a conference but we thought we could squeeze a nice hunt and be off the water shortly after noon. Paddled out and found a nice grass edge that would hunt for the first hour or so. Unfortunatedly just at shoting time 2 guys (not going t call them hunters) anchored a 150 yards out in front of use effectively short stopping or spooking any potential shots for us - the joys of hunting public ground!

    Had to re-locate effectively lossing the early portion of the morning and the last of the tide. Were left scratching until the tide turned a hour or two before we had to leave. In spite of some questionable shooting (always tough shooting from the "little boats" at the season start) the two of us managed 9 ducks (widgeon and teal) and a snow goose! In the end a good start to the season and day in the marsh with my favoriate hunting partner.

    With my son out of town took advantate of the Sunday's wind to target snow geese with a long time hunting buddy who due to right shoulder issues it attempting to learn to shot left handed in spite of a dominate right eye. The geese cooperated and with a good hide we could shoot from our feet and pick and choose our shots. With a number of excellent chances he managed two geese and I was fortunate enough to go 4 for 4 on single birds standing up in the wind at close range.

    With more wind (a west wind this time) on Tuesday the same buddy and I hit a new field for snows; putting out 150 decoys and putting on the "whites" laying out in the decoys. Buddy was running a little late and I had the first oportunity before he got to the decoys. Somehow I managed to miss twice (shooting a over/under) on what should have been an easy shot. And then discovered that I had brought only 4 shells (left my full box in the seat to the truck). So with the buddy arriving I left him to guard the decoys while I trudge back to the truck swing by a ditch where I had seen some ducks dump in. Jumped three teal and expended one of my remaining shells to collect a nice drake. Moved on to where I had seen some mallards - found than and colleceted one with my last shell. Got to the truck and start back just in time to see a single birds gliding into the decoys - boom dead bird. Just a couple minutes later a nice double sails into the decoys and he manages to get both (he also is shooting a double - side by side). He is starting to get that left hand thing.

    The geese startng fly and in spite of facing into the rising morning sunrise we are done pretty quickly and with me making an adjustment for shooting while laying on the ground with some decent shooting. After 3 good chances/misses my buddy kills his 4th goose out a nicley decoying pair and i take the other bird. I manage to get my 4 birds from 2 singles and another pair of birds and we are done in a little over a hour. Even with the mornings first misses I managed to get my 4 birds with 7 shells.

    Before picking up the decoys we take a walk and while my buddy has a tough time swing on the ducks - never did shot and while I collect another 4 ducks. He is getting this left hand thing down and I may just be getting use to these glasses (at least if it is not raining and I have time to get things lined up!).

    Great to be back in the marshes and have enjoy the birds on the table with teal for dinner on Sunday and snow goose sandwiches all week!

    Great times in the marsh for all!

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    Excellent report, congrats on some great hunts!
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    Getting "low holed" by @#ssho%es while duck hunting is why I will quit duck hunting if I ever have to go back to public hunting again. It is just too infuriating for me to manage it now, I'm glad and impressed that you are better able to "go with the punches".