Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by smd, Oct 20, 2004.

  1. smd New Member

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    does any one have any experience with the kodiak on rivers or lakes. thanks scott
  2. fishmagnet Bent rods and tight lines!

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    I have used a Watermaster for years and it has been a great boat. I also have a Bucks Bronco pontoon boat so I can give you a good picture. I would definitely recommend the 1 foot oar extensions when using it in the rivers. It is a perfect boat for a river such as the Yakima. When you catch a fish in fairly shallow water if you are floating, you can just stand up to catch your fish and your boat stays with you. Another feature is that is it packs into its own bag. I put a motorcycle on a rack on my Suburban and drop off the truck at the takeout. I then put the boat on my back in its pack and ride the cycle to the put in and chain it up. Self sufficient.
    I also use it in the Sky and other local rivers. In harsh type III water I feel I would use the pontoon boat.
    It is a great lake boat also.
    Ron at "All About the Fly" in Monroe stocks them and rents them if you want to try them and he is a great guy. If you rent and buy, he takes the rental off the purchase price.
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    i have had two watermasters for about 15 years and highly recommend them. i also have a southfork and it is ok, but i like the wm better. they fit in the backseat or trunk of a car. i have packed mine 4 miles into a lake. they also have an anchor system which is new. they are also a sponsor of this site. mike w. p.s. check the archives since there has been lots of stuff on this topic.
  4. Chris Scoones Administrator

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    The WFF gear program I'm putting together includes both Grizzly and Kodiak Water Masters. While the new gear section of the site is not up yet, the boats are up for loan. They are presently on loan through the end of next week but following that they are open until the Nov Party if you can swing by the North Bend area to pick one up.

    Hit me up offline if you're interested.

  5. luv2fly2 Active Member

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    you can not beat that . they are awesome, you need to try them out. mike w.
  6. Curtis New Member

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    My question is if you are on a river, how do you keep your feet out of the river? Not a problem getting wet of course, but snagging a foot under a rock or what not. I dont see anywhere to put up your feet?
  7. Gary C. Brown Les Paul Lover

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    I have had one for years also, I highly recommend them. To answer the question of where you put your feet, there is a strap that hooks on the inside of the front opening to rest your feet on. The back deck area will hold alot of gear also. They are great in lakes, rivers and estuaries. Lot's of options for them now and easily packable. :thumb: