Waterproof Cameras: Olympus vs Pentax?

Discussion in 'Photography / Video' started by ceviche, Jul 5, 2008.

  1. Simple, buy a second backup battery. I took two fully charged batteries on a week-long trip to Montana earlier this year and shot about 175 images with my Optio WP. Fortunately, the first battery still had over half a charge when I got home. But if it'd died beforehand, the second one was handy and ready to go.

    There are a lot of aftermarket batteries available online - some good and some of dubious quality. If you do buy a second battery, I'd recommend playing it safe and buying an OEM one made by the maker of your camera.

  2. Sage advice, although I am notoriously cheap. I'll gleefully plunk down $300 for a camera
    and then grouse about having to spend $20 for an accessory. ;)
  3. Josh ....thanks for bringing up the wide angle lens.....the main reason I chose this model and worth the extra $ for sure! Great for underwater closeups of fish. Check my gallery..I posted one shot underwater a few weeks ago.

    The battery on my 1030SW holds up extremely well...better than the Canon I had before this one. I haven't had it run out on a trip yet.
  4. I just recently bought the Olympus 850 SW (8.0 MP, 3X zoom). Great little camera, waterproof shockproof, etc. I have not used it much yet since I use my SLR under most circumstances but the pictures I have taken have been very good. I think it retails for $299 but Best Buy price matched Amazon.com so I think I paid $244.
  5. You know, I have the Pentax OPTIO (6 MPS) and I'm not all that impressed with it. On the other hand, a friend has the Panasonic Lumix Kent mentioned and that's the one I'd opt for. Not sure about it's waterproofness but it takes fantastic shots with a large, bright, clear image on the viewfinder. It has a 10X zoom and seems really easy to operate. I'm thinking about one myself - in fact, I'll sell you my OPTIO!
  6. That's not an attitude unique to you! There's plenty of guys here (myself included) who'll pay $500 or more for a rod and $250 for a reel then bitch about new lines that cost $60.

  7. Dunno about how long it holds charge, but, I'm really happy to have purchased a DC to AC converter for my rig, now I can plug my AC stuff in to charge - I'm just careful not to exceed the wattage, you won't see me hooking a power strip to the thing! :eek:

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