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  1. Another vote for the Panasonic-I lost my Olympus waterproof on the Missouri in October and did a little online research and ended up with the TS1. Not only awesome pictures, but awesome 720i video! I have a great film of me with a tarpon at Isla Blanca and another of my wife with a 5 lb bonefish at Ascention Bay. Playing these on my 52" Panasonic HD TV is just like being there! Rick
  2. Thanks for the helpfull responses. One question I have regarding the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS1 is regartding the flash use. I read on the digital photography review web site that the flash picture mode is not good To quote:

    The flash shots from the TS1 were some of the worst of the bunch. It produced a sharp, detailed and noise-free image by selecting ISO 100, but it also captured the least amount of ambient light of all the cameras in this group. In fact it was the only camera for which the subjects of our flash test complained that the flash was too bright, and they needed a moment to recover between test shots. From http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/Q209waterproofgroup/page8.asp

    What does this mean- particulary " capturing the least amount of ambient light" and
    for people who have used this camera how do you find the flash photos come out. (I do like to use the flash)

  3. I wish I could give you more feedback on that, but I don't use it that much w/ flash. I'll likely do a whole ton of that this weekend (Fri-Wed), so maybe I'll have more to say when I get back. Most of the time I've used flash it's been for pretty close range, not more than a few feet away. (And it's worked fine for that.)
  4. OK, ambient--existing--light is going to be better captured by using a higher ISO. Combining a higher ISO w/ a properly-balanced flash lets you capture both some of the room lighting and the flash lighting. IOW, the room behind the subject(s) doesn't turn into a giant black hole in the photo.

    Again, I haven't messed around with it a ton, but the correct option would be to turn off "intelligent ISO" and set the ISO from "auto" to a higher ISO like 400 or 800. Always defaulting to 100 makes sense for a strictly image quality standpoint, but it doesn't always capture what we're looking for aesthetically.
  5. Been waiting for a tough waterproof digi cam w/ a wide angle lens @ least 28mm. Gonna take a hard look at that new Olympus when it comes out.

    Might be a good one to pack around, the D-10 is a bit thick for carry, good for just tossing in the boat & going thou.

  6. the 720i video feature is VERY nice. I wish i had it. Having a waterproof compact video camera is great for fishing, esp when it fits in your pocket.

    I have 5 batteries for my Olympus and get about 200 shoots per battery, but the battery is light and small so its easy to carry spares.
  7. I read the same review that concerned me too. I shoot a fair amount of low light shots and like to use fill flash. The Canon D10 takes good flash photos and fit's fine in a zippered slash pocket on my vest or the bellows pocket on my old TCU jackets or any of my other fishing shirts. I wish the lens had a wider range, but I knew what the trade-off was.
  8. I bought the D10 and have used it for four months. I like the camera, it's simple, waterproof to water deeper than I'm ever going to take it, and shockproof (always a good thing for me). I rigged a quick release tether using a magnetic landing net holder so I can quickly access the camera, take the photo, put it back on the tether and I can also drop the camera into the water if I need both hands or just get clumsy. The tether allows me to retrieve it. I posted some photos in the "trip" section of the forum taken in Belize.
  9. A thought. Costco carries the Olympus. And, they take them back. I gave my son one last year. Indoor pics are good, not great, but they love the water usage--they have shot some great video under water of my granddaughter's waterbaby class, and just posted some great hiking video. This camera will get wet (they live in Charleston and have a boat and kayak) so it is perfect for them.

    I have been looking at the Canon for me this year, as pic quality is huge. It is bulky though, and a bit pricey. I'm a camera nut, so maybe the Oly and the Canon?
  10. You should take a look at the Fujifilm XP10, its shockproof, waterproof, coldproof and dustproof. I have the older version, the WP and I love it. It's also very cheap, you can get it for only 179.99 $.
  11. love my Pany Lumix - take underwater pictures of my grandkids in the pool, always around my neck on the river, have dropped it down a bank ... and it takes really good pictures for what it is..
  12. I have an olympics optio. I wouldn't buy another. The little trap door that closes to protect the lens gets stuck all the time. And the battery always seems dead. i think maybe the motor keeps running to try and open the door.

    i'm going to look into the water proof sony video cam. i have a flip and love it - although i haven't tried to capture stills from the video yet.

    when i'm not getting wet - my nikon d80 is awesome!
  13. olmpus stylus 770sw 7.1 mp...submerged to 33',5' drop,crush tough, 14 deg F I love not new but well used...doesn't take professional
    quality...good enough,I don't really want my canon XT near the water while I am fishing unless I put the flyrod away!

  14. "my main objection to the d10 is it doesnt fit in a pocket well." Actually, I have one and it is not a problem. Shoots great, also. I also have a Pana non-waterproof and it is great, but figured I, of all people, needed to go waterproof. I gave my son the Oly WP that Costco carries and he loves it. Good underwater shots in a pool. good surface stuff.
  15. Hi Everyone,

    New guy here and I've been lurking for a little while and finally found a subject I can add to. When I'm not fishing I'm traveling covering professional motorsports and working within the automotive world doing new product demos etc. So as photographer this is one area I have an opinion, good or bad.

    Still learning Fly fishing so I don't have to much to say about that other than I really enjoy getting out and getting Bamboozled by the fish.

    Anyway I stopped in at Bestbuy today and saw The Olympus STYLUS TOUGH-8010 (hope this isn't old info) basic camera info: 14 Megapixels, Schockproof, Freezeproof, the list goes on. It also has One-Touch HD Movie and you can record widescreen, HD movies in 720p. I need a new pocket point and shoot and with its Tough marketing it fits the bill perfectly...for me.

    There it is my first post!

  16. Welcome to the board crc333, thanks for the info, never been much of a camera guy, but I'm thinkin' bout gittin one
  17. I have the Pentax Optio W60 is a 10 Megapixel compact with a 5x optical zoom,2.5in screen and a waterproof body which allows it to be fully submerged underwater without the need for an additional housing. ...
  18. Got my son an Olympus stylus tough, the HD video function was great, the battery life was awful and the first time we used it underwater, less than ten feet for a 45 minute snorkel expedition it broke. In short don't take this camera underwater, it's crap, and the battery blows. Keep it dry and it shoots some great video.
  19. I'm looking at getting a new waterproof digital. I was looking into the Olympus. My buddy has one, and he loves it. But not sure it's the stylus though. Think it's a different model. Anyone else have experience with the Olympus waterproofs?
  20. I carry a 770W Olympus on the water. I'm happy with the picture quality and it takes great underwater pictures and video.

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