NFR WDFW gets it right- Wolves part trois

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by ribka, Sep 24, 2012.

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    Jesse (or John), I know that you know me well enough, so I don't mean this to sound combative are argumentative... but...

    See, I don't get that. I know, personally, folks who have killed wolves in ID. Who were these "professional hunters, and where did they come from? Did they know the local area they were hunting, or did they just read about the habits of wolves in a book. I bet the locals in the problem areas could track down, hunt down, and kill these wolves.

    Were the choppers "limited" as to where they could go? I know that sounds weird, but when the government gets involved, sometimes common sense goes out the window, or egos get in the way.

    Think of it this way. Two guys with about the same equal fishing experience/knowledge/skill go fish a river. One guy has fished it for 5 to 10 years 3 times a week. The other guy just flew in from across the state. At first, who do you think is going to catch more fish?

    Now take the same example, except both guys flew in from across the state, and the guy that knew the river stayed home and couldn't give any advice except point in the direction of the river.

    It's no difference when it comes to hunting. In fact, I'd say it has even more of an effect when it comes to hunting. If I know "Joe Blow" can find wolves on just about any given day in ID, because he lives and plays there, why should it be any different. Just say'n...
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    Or, you can just ignore us :D
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    I am sure you won't mind this ecotard telling his brethren that there is still a glimmer of hope to call the Gov. and/or Dept. of Wildlife to stop the killing of these wolves.
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  5. ribka Active Member

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    If you so concerned about endangered and stressed species like steelhead and trout why do you still target them?

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    knock yourself out Eco warrior
    If you contact the Gov tell her to introduce the wolf packs to King County
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    That question has been raised many times... they have no answer.
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    Nice designer wolf in your avatar, perhaps you should drop the hammer on that bitch... you never know ?
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    Funny, but I believe you brought up salmon and steelhead when you asked my opinion which I gave to you.
    My original reply was to the statement that we've done fine without wolves for a long time. They did fine for a long time without us as well.We managed them so well they became extinct in our state.
    I fish for salmon and steelhead because I enjoy it. Fishing is what I do with near 100% of my free time. I haven't kept a wild steelhead in over 30 years and do my best to insure their safe release when I do encounter them. I do my part in varies ways to hopefully help their recovery.
    As far a wolves go, I'm extremely happy they are back in our state. They are a native species and migrated here, some after re-introduction elsewhere.
    As far as them eating cows, sheep or Mr.Ed, I could really care less.
    Like most things our state tries to manage, this is likely to be a failure as well.
    I don't expect everyone to agree with my opinion.I also don't plan on getting my guns and chartering a helicopter anytime soon to remedy something I don't see as a problem.
    I do find the paranoia some folks have about wolves to be rather humorous.
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    So targeting a stressed and endangered species like trout and salmon is good for their survival. Fighting a fish for enjoyment until total exhaustion after it swims hundreds of miles to spawn is good for the endangered species survival because espouse you care for them. What is the death rate for C&R in perfect conditions? twenty per cent?

    It seems if you were not so disingenuous you would stop targeting them and fish for stocked trout or spiny rays.

    I know you "care" for them and emotions, not actions, are what counts in your small world

    Your justification process is interesting to say the least

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    Another " caring " eco**** full of hate

    Edited to remove offensive phrase (Ed Call)
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    Well that's stupid... If you raise cattle in wolf territory you should expect losses
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    It wasn't wolf territory until the Govt introduced them to the area nearby in Idaho and now in Washington.
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    Like I said, I don't expect everyone to agree with my opinion on wolves. Sorry you can't seem to comprehend that.
    I guess it is easier just to label anyone that doesn't see your point of view as a ecotard.
  15. Richard Olmstead BigDog

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    I believe that pack migrated in on its own from Canada and is not derived from the introductions in Idaho.
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    Dave you are not being combative.
    The wolves are now getting used to being chased and hunted. The professional hunter I mentioned were full time fiel agents for DNR and WDFW people thatr spend most of their time in the woods where these critters live. If you look at the total numbers of wolf permits issued and the number of wolves killed in Id and Mt the success rate is very low. Both states have quotas or levels that they want to maintain in numbers of wolves/packs, and hunters were suppossed to be able to kill wolves easily and get the quotas the states wanted. It hasn't happened yet. That is why now the states are talking about trapping wolves.
    All I am saying is if we are going to have wolves we need to have hunting priveliges for them then the wolf population will be controlled and the remaining wolves will eventually realize that the easy prey around human population is not the safest.
    Maybe there can be a balance, At some time in the past all these animals coexisted in this part of the state.
    jesse (not John)
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    I'm enjoying this thread, best in a long time. No one has made personal insults, arguments have been civil, yet, pointed.

    By the way, you don't need pro-hunters for the job, let the hunters target wolves in the designated area as a free "bonus" species. Hell, put on a $10 tag requirement and we can use the money to run the ferry system over here for one more day.

    Eastsiders have got to hate the politics in this state more than I do. Oh, I forgot for a minute, I'm an eastsider in drag.
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    I'll take wolves over cows any day.. If it really was that important to the rancher then he'd be out there with his cattle protecting them like they used to but now in these days of entitlement i guess ranchers feel like the government owes them something like the ability to lease federal land to graze upon or to protect their cattle from wildlife for them. LONG LIVE THE WOLVES! including the ones with a taste for beef.
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    Another clueless response Rob.

    Killing a wolf now in the state of Washington is a federal offense that is why WDFW came in to manage the hunt

  20. ribka Active Member

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    Radio collared wolves have been tracked entering WA from ID and OR .