WDFW nabs fish poachers

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Kelly Michelsen, Jun 19, 2013.

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  2. I used to camp there all the time as a kid when I first started fly fishing with my dad. loved that lake. I remember one year I limited out in 20 minutes trolling a mint wooley bugger
  3. 2 scumbags with 72 trout.
    Glad the WDFW guys got them.
  4. They need to increase the penalties
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  5. Agreed !!!
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  6. A number of years ago, on another site, I suggested a $1,000 fine and really got jumped on. They need too set the fines so that they do hurt and discourage over limits just like this situation. Word will get out very quickly in the poaching community. Gear confiscation should also be part of the program.

    Makes ya wonder how many fish they have really taken out of that, and other, lakes. Bet this wasn't the first time.

  7. As detective Tony Baretta used to say: "Don't do the crime if you can't do the time." For those old enough to remember the Baretta show:

    Glad the gamies caught these crooks! :)
  8. Start out with a one cent fine for 1 over. 2 over? 2 cents. 3 over? 4 cents. Continue along these lines and 20 over would be $5242.88. Of course you'd have to add a base fine, otherwise 10 fish over would only be $5.12. You'd also have to cap it somewhere because you'd go over 1 million by the time you hit 28 over. Doesn't do any good to have a fine that would way exceed these peoples net worth! ;)

    Of course, if Warren Buffett or Bill Gates were into overfishing, hmm... ;)
  9. I was thinking more along the lines of either a $1000 for each one over, or maybe a three pronged hook in the jaw and a dozen laps around the lake in a 557-hp outboard. 72?!! bastards...
  10. More evidence of the growing population of ASSJACKS. Like the group on Lenore, I'm glad they were caught and word is out but, the fact is a bunch of fish are dead and for every incident that gets caught, I'll bet 10:1+ do not. Absolutely no knock on our WDFW; they are doing an awesome job given the scope of the assignment.

    IMO unless stiff penalties (some significant jail time) accompany these acts, the population of those doing these acts will grow... very little downside to losing what is most likely stolen gear and fishing privileges... as if that means anything to a poacher.
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  11. I know how we lean on this board, and I'm also in the camp of some form of increased penalty but I also feel it is important to be an informed consumer of information. Our justice system supports two very important ideas that exist for a reason; innocent until proven guilty and avoidance of cruel and unusual punishment. I feel that in this case we don't have all the information about the "poachers". 72 trout in one day is a great catch rate for two guys on a bank, so much so that I question wether they were all caught that day on that lake. Is it possible that what we are dealing with here is not an over limit catch on that day, but instead an over harvest of a possession limit? Not likely I know and the odds are good that they were keeping fish over their limit but I'd love more information before I pass judgement on these guys.
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  12. Irafly,

    You make some good points. I do respect your opinion.
    I still have a pretty clear opinion though of 2 guys with 72 dead trout being issued citations by WDFW.

    The legal possession limit was no more than 15 trout - in 1959, according to the official Washington State "Game Fish Seasons and Catch Limits" pamphlet I have. And that was 54 years ago according to my math.

    My opinion on these 2 guys has not changed.

    Here is a link to a whole slew of more citations routinely issued by WDFW;
  13. Agree. Throw the book at them or it won't stop...
  14. +1
  15. That doesn't sound too out of line for hatchery trout. It didn't happen all the time, but I certainly had days in my youth where I pulled more than half that on my own in single days on the local stocking lake. Of course we didn't keep them...stockers taste like crap.

    Regardless, I prefer to err on the side of judgemental. Burn them all. Although I'd much rather see these types of stories about salmon/steelhead poachers.
  16. Loss of all equipment including trucks, boats and fishing gear. Auction off said gear with the proceeds going to restocking programs.
  17. My client, your Honor, is a first time offender, he has never been in trouble with the law before. He was told there was no limit on this lake by a friend, and as an immigrant from Easterm Europe, he was simply attempting to provide food for his struggling family in this hard economy, this has been a tough and unfortintae adjustement for my client who had no intentions at all of breaking the law.
  18. Losing landlocked hatchery fish is one thing, losing native fish in a stream is a whole bigger crime.
    Patrol the streams alot more and more good will be done. Streams equal spawning natives.
    String up *anyone* breaking any game law is good, IMHO.
  19. Nice work by WDFW nabbing those perps. Coincidentally, I just was told by a confidential source that there is some cutthroat poaching going on in a local creek I sometimes fish.
    The regulations are C&R there for any trout except a hatchery steelhead. Sturgeon can still be retained there this year, and it opens for Coho in the Fall.

    This idiot is bragging that he is catching a lot of "bluebacks" and keeping them. Apparently, he thinks it actually takes any skill to fool a cutthroat with a worm drifted under a bobber. Sorry, but that ain't a braggable feat.
    My informant tells me that this low-life poacher claims that "bluebacks aren't really trout, even though they look like trout, and are kinda like trout, but seeing's how they aren't really trout, its not really a violation of the rules and so its OK to keep 'em." :confused::eek::eek::eek: WTF??? TOTALLY WRONG!!! The kind of excuse a really weak mind might dream up.

    I cannot believe that anyone would be so incredibly ignorant and stupid as to think that they could get away with making such a lame claim. Except that this isn't the first time that I've heard that! Some of these local poachers have been trying to use that phony line of weak reasoning whenever someone mentions to them that cutthroat should be released in the designated C&R waters. Bald-faced lying scum, they are.

    I'm going to start fishing there more, and see if I can I.D. this perp.:mad: Unfortunately, the friend who told me about this idiot and his poaching doesn't want to step forward and ID the guy out of fear of reprisal and/or fear of creating bad will for his local business. He cautioned me, "You didn't hear this from me."
  20. If I'm ever put on trial , I sure hope Ira is on the jury!!!!

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