We doin' this again or what?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Matt Burke, Jan 21, 2009.

  1. Matt Burke

    Matt Burke Active Member

    We doin' this again or what?(WFF HOH 2009)


    The WFF HOH 2009 will be the weekends of March 21 & 22 through 28th & 29th at the Oxbow campground
    I will be there for the whole 9 days and represent. Just post on this thread and I'll keep track of who's in and who's afraid.

    Will Be There
    Matt Burke
    Coonhound Jed
    Jason Decker
    Jerry Daschofsky
    Sean Beauchamp
    molly d
    Matt Smith
    Jeremy Floyd
    Big wooly
    Bitter Rocklark
    Jeff bandy
    Nate Dutton
    Gary Dills
    Tyler Speir

    Clint F
    Dr Magill
    Eric Tatcha
    Nick Riggs
    Evan Burck
    Brian Anderson
    Jake Bannon
    Jim Wallace
    Old Man

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  2. Coonhound Jed

    Coonhound Jed New Member

    you read my mind!!! I was just thinking the same thing today.
    count me in whenever.
  3. Matt Burke

    Matt Burke Active Member

    I don't know Jed seems like it's dead.
  4. jabseattle

    jabseattle jabs

    I don't know.. what time frame you thinkin Matt?
  5. Coonhound Jed

    Coonhound Jed New Member

    I was hoping for march again, that would give people enough time to get their shit together. I just cant believe there hasnt been more responses.Lame!
  6. Clint F

    Clint F Fly Fishing Youth

    Let me know when. My dad and I would love to do it with the driftboat and meet some new people.

  7. Jason Decker

    Jason Decker Active Member

    late feb or early march would be cool, why not time it for the big nates if possible
    thursday - sunday so some week only/weekend only guys
    both have a chance and the hard core guys can get in a full 4 days.
    making the best use of the trip. I'd really like to make it as i missed last time
    and i can bring the clacka.

    Heck maybe some out of state guys like John Hicks or Corey K might want to join up?!

    How bout a vote!?
    A) Feb26-March1
    B) March12-March15
    C) March19-22

  8. jcnewbie

    jcnewbie Member

    Well shuckey dern, if'n idda no'd 'bout it an if'n ah wernt so fur down inna mud diggn' fer dem dang wisker fishes ah maght cud mebbe go mah own sef.:beathead:

    In other words, is this gatherin' just for the "Super Elite, The Elite, The Wannabe Elite's or is it open to us regular critters with any 'ole fly rod 'n reel too??:rofl:

    Sounds like fun to me....but then, whatta' I know....??:D

  9. Kirk Singleton

    Kirk Singleton Capt Kirk

    I would probably join in. I have a boat I could bring.
  10. Matt Burke

    Matt Burke Active Member

    March. Anyone. You would be in charge of your own domestic needs per usual. I'd bring my toon. Get a shuttle buddy.
  11. Norme

    Norme DM is a D bag

    Do you guys only take boats? I can make it but I don't have a boat. If there's a wading trip I could do that.
  12. Matt Burke

    Matt Burke Active Member

    I am and there will always be other bank monkeys around. I may bring a pink girls bike for my river shuttle this time.
  13. Jamie Wilson

    Jamie Wilson Active Member

    Missed last year but am interested - I like LATER in March!! Have truck have toon - not opposed to helping, shuttle, bank - It really doesn't matter to me much how we do it. Didn't it piss on everyone last time pretty bad??
  14. Eric Tarcha

    Eric Tarcha gear whore

    i would definitely be down for this trip. couldn't make it last year, but I would sure as shit like to go this year.
  15. Jason Decker

    Jason Decker Active Member

    i'd probably have a seat or two available, sure some other will too.
    some guys will bank and some float, i know i'd have a preferance to pick someone who knows how to row so i can get a chance to fish.

    definately would be down to tag team shuttles with you matt.
    might even be good to share rides over from the mainland if some need that too.
    i hear that Jerry D is the master cook, how do we twist his arm for bacon and eggs and pancakes every morning?!!

  16. Panhandle

    Panhandle Active Member

    I'll be there the 13th -17th, but you guys probably want to avoid the likes of me. :beer2:
  17. Clint F

    Clint F Fly Fishing Youth

    I like the sound of the end of march also, but any weekend in march will work for me.

  18. Mark Walker

    Mark Walker Active Member

    Speaking for those of us who will have to drive hundreds of miles, or fly, should we want to attend, would prefer the end of March. Anyone want to provide airport shuttle? Mumbles?
  19. Jason Decker

    Jason Decker Active Member

    so maybe the choices can be:

    1) March12-15
    2) March19-22
    3) March26-29

    my preferences would be #1 or #2 in that order.

  20. Nick Riggs

    Nick Riggs I've been known to fish from time to time...

    Hahaha probably the last thing I was expecting to see when I opened this thread was some of my artwork. I hope we can get it going again this year.