We doin' this again or what?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Matt Burke, Jan 21, 2009.

  1. Just being social you grouchy old b@$tard...BITE ME...and I still might bring you a small bottle of Jim Beam, but not if I know if you'll be there at the same time as me. It is nice to know who will be there when I'm there to have an idea of who will be there. Seems pretty simple to me you cantankerous old cuss. Why the hell would I care who was there when I'm not there? Can't learn anything from them at the time we are not together. Can't coordinate shuttles with people who left three days earlier. You just want something to piss and moan about? If so...BITE ME. So, will you be around for me to bring your grumpy old ass a small bottle, or can I save myself a trip to the package store. After all, why not treat one of my elders to his beverage of choice after he drives so far from Dillon MT to fish the Hoh on the Pacific Coast? Go release a bit of stress on your quad or something...I hope to see you on the Hoh.

    Anyone else got a problem with me being interested in who will be there the last weekend of March? You can BITE ME too.
  2. Ohhh man!! I just finished off a 27 year old bottle of Beam this past weekend (the '82 "Bowling Pin" bottle). It was mighty smooth! My apologies, Jim.
  3. Shit, I'm going to be there. From Thursday thru saturday afternoon or Sunday morning. There, I hope this helps your little ass out. Don't bother with the bottle. I'm on the wagon.

  4. Cancerous old cuss.....that's a good one! Which brings me to, Jim. When are you going to be there?
    If you have told me before, my opologies, i'm to freaking tired to read all 17 pages.
    P.S. Mumbles, let'm have it........who ever "'m" is!
  5. You don't have to read them all. Just hit the thing at the top that says read last post or something like that. Once you have read them the last read comes up.

    What are you .................New here, Frank???????????????????????

  6. Cantankerous not cancerous. I'd never wish the latter on anyone. Glad you'll be there Jim, I actually am looking forward to meeting as many WFFers there as possible, including you of course!
  7. I was thinking today how I can hardly wait to get into the nasty Washington Traffic. I drove 15 miles up I-15 today and saw only three cars. I love it here. Wide open spaces and no traffic. And nobody to low hole you on the rivers.


  8. New? I must be, I didn't even know that that existed. It didn't matter though, as I tried what you said and I still couldn't get it to work. Let me see if I have thins; I was supposed to click that button on the top and it was gonna tell me when you were going to be on the Hoh? Damn, this new server is awesome. Listen Jim, I am so tired I can hardly type, so I probably did it wrong. Amuse me and just tell when you gonna be there or I'll sick Mumbles on your as%$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:rofl::clown::rofl:
  9. What you do is go to the top of the thread. There is a message there that says "view first unread" If you have read them all it won't be there. But if somebody adds something new it will be there. Just click on it and it will go there. This way you don't have to read them all to get to the end.

    Being tired is something you get when you just poke fun at the wife and she takes it seriously. Kids will do that to you, but new borns are the worst..

  10. that's comforting, thanks Jim! Now what freaking days are you going to be there? TELL ME NOW :ray1:
  11. :rofl::beer2:Round trip airline tickets and 4 day non-resident license have been purchased!! Jerry D has got the grub money. Mumbles got my rod I shipped last week. Now all that remains is FATE & GOOD FORTUNE for the next 22 days and I'll be there. PRAY, BROTHERS, PRAY!!
  12. Read thread number 263. I get tired of typing the same info over and over. I only type with one finger on each hand. So after a while my two fingers get tired. :rofl::rofl:

  13. Buck, yes you have a seat in the driftboat. Fishdontcare, you have the second (as in rearseat). Could do two side by side, but better front and back in a driftboat when it's flyfisherman. My boat won't be pretty. Checked my schedule, and won't have time to do most of the work to it. But will have it fishable at least.

    I should be there either late Thursday night or sometime on Friday. I have Friday off, just found out today, so I'm good to go. Thinking of doing a float trip with just my steelheader to scout it out for the driftboat. I'd rather know what I'm coming down with the driftboat then what I've heard.

    Thanks again fishdontcare for the sams club giftcard. Will help on buying the food. Figured I can do a money jar when I get there. Will pickup some stuff for breakfasts and dinner. Figured the big dinner will be Saturday night.
  14. :DSome Farmer John's "Thick" sliced bacon from Sam's goes great with those waffles, Jerry!
  15. What would happen if just told me the DATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:rofl: You killing me! bawling:bawling:bawling: Enough, I'll read it. Post 263 PHO'K.
    GOt TO GO, BABY.
  16. I'm planning on picking up some of the maple cured bacon, that's for sure. Maybe a bunch of frozen hashbrowns, few dozen eggs, etc. Biggest cost will be buying the meat for the smoker.
  17. It appears the artist formerly known as the Very Grouchy Old Man will arrive the 26th and be there through the 28th or 29th to entertain us all with ragging on Mumbles. There is a likelyhood that I'll still bring Jim a bottle of Jim Beam, a small one, a pint, he does not like it in fifths...just in case he has fallen off the wagon or needs a little something to make it through the muscle pain from laughing his ass off.
  18. I'll be fishing the Hoh on the 24th - 26th so it looks like I will miss meeting a lot of our attendees.

    I've been watching craigslist for a small camp trailer to rent for the Oxbow stay. Otherwise, I'll be hanging out in the back end of a green Toyota 4Runner. Far too long since enjoying a brew by the camp fire after a day on the river.

    Dry fire wood is probably scarce there abouts, don't you think? I'll bring some dry alder and an axe.
  19. Always good to bring wood. I'll try and toss some wood in the driftboat. Not sure how much stuff I'll have. But have my hitchauler, so can toss that in and still tow the driftboat. Toss my camp chef stuff on the hitchauler.
  20. I can bring a bunch of wood, but you can never have to much. I remember a quote from the Cowlitz Party, "It's not a real fire unless you can see it from space."

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