Weapons of Bass Destruction

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species' started by Roper, Jan 25, 2005.

  1. When we going?
  2. Whitey, I will trade you a hookup with a 20lb carp in exchange for that PM.

    My fav smallie waters around here are: Walla Walla river below MacDonland RD, Yak below Benton city, and anywhere along the columbia, the yak mouth seems really good but they are everywhere. As long as im chasing smallies, i would bring the carp stuff and hit the flats, they are fairly easy to find. The Walla Walla and lower yak are both really fun floats, the walla walla is a little tougher than the yak, but well worth it. Hardly any people and alot of fish. I know these spots are a bit further away than some of the other areas mentioned, but there is alot of differnt fishing options, i think its worth the trip. PM me if u wan more spots.

  3. If you guys decide to plan some sort of get-together out here I'd love to tag along. I live just down the street from MarDon, so I'm already in the area. I'm staring longingly out my window at the still-frozen Potholes Reservoir as I type this. :hmmm: )

    I haven't been here for long, so I don't have any advice on where to go for big bass. (Although everybody I talked to last year said last spring in the dunes on the reservoir was the best topwater action they had ever seen out there. Tons of biiig largemouth coming from there. Gotta have a boat to get there, though.)

    I can tell you that just about anywhere there is water out here, there are bass and gills to be found in it. Maybe not neccessarily big ones, though.
  4. I second what Ive said, Palmer Lake is great for Smallmouth & Largemouth alike. And that river he refers to has lot's of smallies. Here is one from Palmer caught last May.
  5. I was going to suggest Palmer too. It's right up there in your neighborhood isn't it? In addition to holding some of the best smallies in the state, the crappie fishing is said to seriously rock. And isn't the mainstem Okanogan suppsed to be pretty good in this regard?
  6. I am not much of a bass fisherman but a friend took me over to fish Frenchman Wasteway at spawning time, say late May or early June. I was impressed!!!!!

  7. Roper,

    We talked about doing something like this last year (or was it year before). For Potholes, seep lakes and points south, we could always stage at my club outside Royal City.

    We caught quite a few smallies on Banks last year - all the same size.

    Great thread as I had decided to focus on bass this year too.

  8. Mr. Roper,

    If you don't mind a little travel, I can point you to some locations on the snake (WA side), and a few others in Whitman County, in particular one spot that has been reported as the most underutilized LMB fishery on this side of the state.

    PM me for more info.

    General info:

    I have also been told the John Day is good for smallies.
    I have had some really nice smallmouth days on the GR.
    Dworshack Reservior is excellent for smallies (Idaho).

    Find the big waters (those rivers that hold anadromous species) and fish the smolt outmigrations with topwater minnow patterns. You won't be disappointed.

    - Gabe :thumb:
  9. Roper…save the gas and fish the west side…bigger bass and lots of places to hunt them in the seven lakes area.
  10. I have to agree with s.trutta -
    The good bass fishing opportunites are to be found throughout western Washington. In your areas (North Puget Sound) virtually every lake with a public access have bass in them and likely a variety of other warm water species. Quality smallmouth can be found in Sammamish, Stevens, Goodwin, Lake Washington, Whatcom and Samish. Excellent largemouth lakes besides those in the seven lakes area include Big, Campbell, Terrell, Roesiger and a whole host of smaller lakes.

    With the fly I have best luck on 1 to 4# smallmouth by using 2 to 3 inch woolly buggers and/or streamers fished on full sinking lines over larger gravel flats in 10 to 20 feet of water. For largemouth (fish 2#s and up) I like thumb size deer hair poppers and large (4 to 6 inch) marabou creations fished on a floating line in and around weed beds and lilly pad fields and along docks.

    Tight lines
    S malma
  11. thats the one crappy thing about AK no smallmouths, pike just aren't as fun cause you have to throw big stuff (a huge pain in the ass)
  12. Jesus thats a big smallie, bigger then the one I got in maine last year definately
  13. I know that man you speak of. He's a good friend of mine :thumb:
  14. Hey Roper
    there is a list that I posted for pike fishing a while back. All of these lake also have quality spiny rays of all varieties. Coeur d' alene lake, hauser, newman, the CDA chain lakes (black, rose, and all those) benewa, chatcollet, hayden. Any of the above will have very good spiny fishing.
    P.S. Can I go with? No boat but I have a tube.
    Thanx gridkid :thumb:
  15. My grandpa, he has one of those Bass things on his wall... the damn thing sings everytime I come over. :rofl:

    "Take me to the river... drop me in the water..." :mad: Gets stuck in your head.

    iagree Hayden Is amazing smallmouth water..
  16. Now this is what I love about this site, ask a simple question and you get a ton of answers. I'm printing this out and I'm gonna start planning some trips, both local and into Idaho ( In-laws live south of CDA). I'll be answering the PM's and getting with those peeps (YT made me say that) for good times too.
    Damn, this is gonna be a busy year...but that's a good thing.

    BY, do you sing with the bass...? "Take me to the water..."
  17. be sure to tie up some clousers man. it was invented for bass.
  18. So when we planning this?

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