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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Tony, Jun 19, 2009.

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    After alot of thinking and one favorable report I decided to go over the new floaty thing and fish some of you BIs favorite lake. I was hesitent to fish this lake after seeing a photo of a half starved looking trout from another post earlier this year, knowing that the state last year overstocked it with little barely legal plants and the overabundance of poaching dickweeds that the lakes over there seem to attract. So Weds. I went over and there were a few other flyfishers, one luretosser (nice guy) and a couple of dickweeds one tossing lures one using bait whenever someone wasn't looking(later after hauling away who knows how many fish, they went home changed shirts and came back) none of this was much of a surprise, well after watching the fly guys catching fish for a couple of hours without a touch to any of the things I was trying I was ready to give it up, another hour went by the flyguys left quite happily and still not a touch, I kicked down to the shallow end and started tossing a dragonfly nymph out and with a slow dragonfly nymph retrieve started finally to get into some fish, alot of fish so many that it made up for the 3 hours of fishless fishing, and these were great fish most were in the 16 to 18 inch range with a few running into the 20s, they were healthy and very dark as is the case in this tea colored water I did catch some that were newer plants you could tell by how much brighter they were compared to the others. Later after catching more fish using dries I left and felt obligated to calling 911 on the entire family that showed up and promply found sticks to hold up their poles so that their arms wouldn't get tired waiting for fish to find their bait, made my report to the staters who really didn't seem to care but did say they would pass the info over to fish and game in other words nothing was going to happen. Thurs. no dickweeds at all I fished for about 6 hours nothing that worked the day before worked today consistantly, so I started using a damsel nymph tossing it in around structure with excellent results, there were fish feeding in the weeds and on about every third cast my fly would be found by one slamingly hard takes resulting most of the time in a fish to hand this was good fun, I didn't catch as many fish as the day before but did manage to bring 12 fish to hand, there were 4 others there early 2 left without really doing much the 2 others were having fun with drys. The only other thing to say was the lake fished very well but the water is very warm I probably won't go back till fall when the temps drop to a healthier level for the fish, right now its borderline and won't be good for much but bathing pretty soon, also call on the dickweeds maybe enough pressure will get something done about the lack of enforcement.
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    Enforcement. Had a a few years back take pics of guys longlining and of the license plates of the cars they were driving. He called FW and they didn't seem to care. He then drove to Olympia to the main office and the comment he got was "You have too much time on your hands"

    Fact is, if your illegal they won't do jack shit. There is no money in it (impossible to prosecute)

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