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Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Seth Adams, Aug 5, 2013.

  1. hey there,
    i'm an amateur fly tyer, hare's ears, adams, caddis, etc. wanting to get more into it. i have a wedding coming up and i am wanting to tye one of those fancy salmon flies with my wedding colors for a boutonneire. does anybody know of any good resources, websites, videos or whatnot that could offer some assistance.
  2. I'd say, as a starter to fly tying you're out of your league. But, check out Davie mcphail on YouTube, he does some married wings in his videos
  3. oh, ya thats what i was afraid of. oh well. thanks for the info
  4. Howe many do you need, for when and in what colors. I might be able to help you out.
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  5. i would need four, and the wedding colors are periwinkle blue and a blush pink. and i appreciate the offer very much! but i'm kinda wanting to tie them myself.
  6. I think for those colors you're gonna have to dye materials yourself to get exact matches.

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