Weekend Dry Falls Report

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Smooth, Nov 3, 2003.

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    I Slept out at Twin Lakes, in Lincoln County. Too Cold Saturday AM so I warmed up on the drive to Dry Falls.

    This is the first time I have ever fished this lake. I tried a number of things, but I took 2 19" Rainbows on a black wooly bugger. I fished a deerhair emerger also and took a nice looking 15-16" Tiger trout. I usually think Tigers are kinda ugly, dull. This one was deep golden brown, pretty. Water temp at surface was 47 degrees. Only 4-5 others out there. Most picked up a fish or two. I didn't think it was very fast action, Saturday, for anyone. I think if i had fished emergers sooner, i might have done better.
    Sunday I buggered over to Crab Creek and tossed that emerger to finicky Browns. I could see Browns (bigguns!) deep, but all I could catch were the Rainbows. I also caught my first Brook trout out of Crab. Hmmm...interesting. I did not know Brookies were in Crab Creek. I wonder if they are desireable there or like other drainages, not wanted anymore?
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    Smooth, Those are some nice looking emergers you are using, little wonder you caught fish on them. I hope to tie up a few dozen this winter-as soon as the new vise decision is reached and serious tying gets underway. Thanks for the report, Ive
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    Hey Ive! Thanks. I tied up some similar to your Bloody Mary Carey (I hope that is what you called it) and it worked great on rainbows in Clear lake! It took cutthroat up high too (before it got cold!) Thanks for showing me!

    I have a new pattern for Renner I want to try out! can't wait for spring now! Gotta get one of those finicky Browns. Good luck to all!
  4. TANGLES Richh

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    What's your technique with that elk hair emerger? Sounds effective whatever you're doing.
  5. Smooth Guest

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    I dont have an image, but here is what i do with it:

    I grease/Gink the top of the fly (wings) and wet the thorax, wingcase, and abdomen. Cast to a rise or use as a searcher pattern! Don't worry if it sinks, keep fishing it wet. Trout have hit it on the surface (it initially just hangs there in the meniscus with most of the fly submerged) or taken it after it sinks, depends upon the mood of the trout.

    It's super easy to tie (hey, even I can tie 'em):

    On a 14-18 scud hook, 1X light. Tie in small wire( your choice of color) for rib and dub an appropriate body, starting low on the bend. Dub to 1/2 shank point.

    Wrap wire to segment the body, secure.

    Tie in deer hair (long enough to form a short emerging style wing at the head of the fly) with tips pointing back.

    Dub Thorax to within an eye's distance from the hook eye.
    Bring deer hair forward (covering back of thorax and forming wing case), tie off and wrap thread to stand tips up.
    Whip finish.
    Coat wing case with cement.
    Go fish

    The idea is to get the body to hang in the water, while the wing floats on the surface. Apparently very yummy looking to trout.
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    I have to ask. Where on Crab Creek? I have fished it in a number of areas near potholes for Carp, which can be great fun, but I have never seen a trout in that area. I have aslo fished it above Mary without any luck for trout. I understand if you tell me to go find-em myself, but . . . worth asking.
  7. alpinetrout Banned or Parked

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    Actually, it's not always worth asking. You take a big risk of getting blacklisted when you do things like that.
  8. Smooth Guest

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    I don't mind the question, but we must ask ourselves, would we want to go to a place handed to us on a platter? And if so, how many other folks might show up at the same buffet table?
    One of the more frequent posting members has a little saying:"unhappy is he who brings only the prospect of catching fish to the sport of fishing"

    So some of the fun must be in finding the cool spots.

    So here goes man!
    Here is some info that is commonly available with a bit of searching. You can figure out where I went with a couple recon trips (I'll bet).

    Crab is the longest spring fed creek in the lower 48 (maybe more, but I don't know for sure).
    Follow it upstream into Grant and Lincoln county. Now find the access points (usually bridges) and start hunting out your own favorite spot!
    By the Way, there are BIG browns (according to some Old Boys I know, at least as recent as the 1980's) down around Lenice/Nunnally area. They hang in deeeeeep pools and runs.
    Have fun finding a spot!
  9. sjterry Sr. Lurker

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    As I said, fair to say go find it yourself. I wouldn't want to end up on any blacklist or hitlits for asking.

    My Gandfather lived in Grant Co. for years. I learned to cast on Rocky Ford in the 80's. I have searched parts of Crab Creek in Grant Co. and found lots of carp, just no sizeable trout to speak of. :beathead

    I guess I'll go look for fish, snakes, and ticks near Lincoln Co. :dunno

    Thanks, the info you shared is more than I expected.
  10. Paul Huffman Lagging economic indicator

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    Twin Lakes in Lincoln County? Now that's obscure. You must be a true desert trout bum. Exploring Lake Creek, were you?

    Born and raised in Lincoln County.