weekend in wyoming

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    Michelles cousins new husband has 35 acres just south of lander, wyoming. they invited us to come up for the weekend. we only spent 2 nights but had a really good time. his property overlooks rock creek res. unfortunately i was only able to get out 1 day for some fishing. we fished a close by river for a few hours and i was able to get into a handful of browns and 1 rainbow. there were some big mayflies coming off. i stuck with dries the whole time. i changed up a few times, trying to stay somewhat small but it wasn't till i threw on a size 10 hummer stone that i started to get some fish. later in the day a cicada pattern was kicking ass. this river was by far the toughest that i have ever waded. the water was deceivingly deep and had big slippery ass rocks. i have never encountered rocks so damn slippery. i thought i was going to eat it several times, but thanks to my mountain goat like feet i was able to keep standing. most of the fish were 10-12" with a couple of smaller ones and a couple in the 16" range. after we returned to camp from fishing we grilled up some steaks then headed down to the lake for fire works. i headed down a little earlier then the rest so that i could take the pontoon for a swim. i only landed 1 fish and i want to say it was a cutt but it's body was so dark i couldn't tell if it were a 'bow' or a cutt. it was a good weekend and look forward to heading up there again for some more fishing. there are more pics from the weekend in my blog
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    Hey, Nice Report! Cool area, I grew up in Lander, recently moved to Portland.

    I always wished I had the cash to pick up one of those sections of property.

    Glad you had fun!
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    Thanks for the report, Looks like you got in to some bitching browns.
    Glad to see your back in the states and whacking some sweet fish.


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    I was just there and yes it's a great place !! I love Wyoming !!
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    i don't know how you fished that without metal in your boots. on the way out to the river after work on saturday we had to help two different cars with flats. joker status. wyoming doesn't get any better than this. btw mike i found a few spots worth checking out.