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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by freestoneangler, Sep 15, 2012.

  1. The wife and I are looking for some options for a 3 day weekend next week where we can walk some beaches with our dog and I can do a little fishing. We recently had to put our male golden retriever down and we've been feeling a bit blue about it. We still have his sister (both were from the same litter) and at 13 years, she's doing pretty well -- but we know time is limited as she too is slowing down.

    Being a south sounder, I see all kinds of posts for MA-9, but don't know anything about it -- does that include the beaches around Ft. Flagler State Park? We've been there years past, but I've never fished it. If anyone cares to offer some suggested locations to try, it would be appreciated.

  2. Yes Ft. Flag and Fort Warden beaches. At Fort Flagler fishing along the Marrowstone spit works very well. Nice place to camp and Pt. Townsend close by for evening dinners, pub and great music. Very sorry about your dog.
  3. I second Flagler. You should definitely hook up there, just get on the beach at or before first light. One of my favorite beaches. Head on down to the lighthouse and fish the east side.
  4. Thanks TRed, BlkTail and James for the suggestions and kind words. Still not decided on exactly where, but with the gear in the car, will be ready if wherever the wife decides offers some decent water.
  5. As a salt flyfisher and dog lover I can tell we have much in common. I immediately thought of sharing with you a website called " Rainbowsbridge.com" -blessings in your honoring your friend and having the perfect weekend with your family.

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