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  1. Slept in again this saturday and boy did it feel good! caught the 8:45 ferry and headed over the pass. Slow drive with all the idiots trying to drive in the snow but i made it over by about 1 and was able to hunt some quail for the afternoon. Met up with my friend Jon and we chased quail for a couple hours. I was able to shoot well with my old O/U and get my 10. Almost went for all cocks, but gave in at a weak moment and ended up with 2 hens.
    Sunday morning we headed out to a favorite duck spot of mine and tried our luck. Not a lot flying but around 8 or 830 we finally had a good flurry of activity with big flocks of mallards. We shot(I shot) very poorly and left with only 10 ducks and 2 geese. for sure should have had 14. Finished the afternoon off with a few more quail while exploring a new area but found some great potential for another day.
    Today i went back to the same spot as yesterday. Very slow, hardly any ducks at all but i managed to scratch out my 7. Stayed until 11:00 to do so though. Lots of geese flying but i wasnt able to sweet talk any into comin home with me...
    Back over the pass and time to set up the tree.
    Merry Christmas
    I'll try to post a few pictures when i can get the software loaded on the new computer.
  2. nothing from the upland hunting but a couple quick pics from the duck blind.:)

  3. 7 ducks by 11 o'clock is good shooting in my book- I'm happy to scratch out a limit by hunting dun up to sun down, so good work, and nice report!

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