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    Saturday I headed out with the four legged half of my fly posse for a day exploring the beaches on Vashon. Unfortunately as I got to Lincoln Park I realized I had no money for the ferry so a quick change of plans and down to the Narrows I went. There were a very few silvers showing and I walked and fished my way up past the bridge and back with nothing to show for it, same as last weekend. Went over to a boat ramp on the other side of the airport and fished along the beach there over some very good looking cutt water but again, nada. Stopped back at the bridge for a few minutes and, yep you guessed it, nada.

    Sunday, with both members of my entourage along and a pocket full of greenbacks we went over to Vashon late morning. Stopped first at Red Radio Beach. I geared up and the wife took fido for a walk. I had been carrying my camera with me at all times but for some reason I couldn't find it buried in my stuff in the car so I headed out to the point without it. There was a stiff breeze blowing out of the south so I went right to the point and started fishing to the north. Tide was still going out though there wasn't much flow past the beach. I had on a clear intermediate tip and a chartruse clouser tied with that new slinky fiber and a couple turns of red thread behind the eyes on the white half. I worked my way slightly around the point trying to keep the clouser from nailing me in the right ear. Halfway through a strip back to the beach WHAM, fish on! At first I thought it was a silver and big one. I started thinking about dinner! I was using my 8 wgt cause of the wind but I only had about 4lb tippet so I loosend the drag and let it take line if needed. Twice I worked it back near the beach and it made a short run out again. Third time I got it close I could see it was a cutt. Wow, by far the biggest searun I have ever caught! It took two hands to hold it, with a thick belly, very broad across the shoulder, a few scars across its back along with some sea lice. Landed, I laid my rod next to it for further reference, then spent a couple minutes reviving it and off it went. Measured on my rod latter it was 19". What a fish!

    Well, when it rains it pours. Ten minutes later another one, same as before. WHAM fish on. This one went about 14" and put up a good fight. I had tied the clouser on a debarbed Kamakatsu SC 15 size 2 which is an octopus style, kind of a circle, I think. Both fish were solidly hooked in the upper jaw. The short shank and big gap really help keep the wing from wrapping under the hook. And based on the hookups I really like this hook.

    By now I was around the point and I still wanted to try another beach so we drove down to Pt Robinson for 1/2hour of fishing before heading back for the ferry. The water around the point was littered with wood debis from the recent floods. The wind had died and the tide was turning. A half hour without a bump, we packed up and headed home.

    Sorry I don't have any fish pictures for you, but that won't happen again!

    Orkila :thumb:
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    Nice report!

    I fished Doc's Saturday morning with my 14 yr. old son and my buddy Greg. We managed to land 4 silvers and lost at least that many. We found the silvers quite active during the outgoing tide, and saw quite a few jumping from 8:30-11:30am.

    Olive clousers and rolled muddlers worked for us. There were at least 8 fly fisherman in the morning, which is about the most I've ever seen there.

    Never saw a Cutt- only silvers. The fish we landed were in the 10-13" range.

    Thanks for the update-

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    Thanks for the great report! I've also had some hookups using the mustad circle hooks with the Clouser pattern. I have to agree that the wide gap really holds. Three strikes (2 silvers and a chinook jack), three hookups- all solid in the corner of the mouth. I can't wait to try out some more patterns with this style hook...
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    I lifted this from a post I'd provided elsewhere...I was just across the water from Vashon! :D

    In spite of the encouragement about silvers I opted to try a new spot I'd heard about closer to home, and went after cutts.
    I hit the area about 90 minutes before the low tide and saw no action until about dead low, then heard a healthy splash about thirty feet behind me and used the water to load and get off a cast behind me, as I had my fly working in the opposite direction. Fish on! - and it was a beauty - thick-bodied and about 16/17 inches - my personal best. :thumb:

    After that, for about forty-five minutes, I had about five more strikes but only got one more to hand - about 12 inches. I did have another larger one on but never got a good hook set and lost it - felt like it would have been close to my first.

    Every strike was on the Marabou Candlefish out of Les Johnson's book, which is definitely becoming my go-to fly for cutts. I may need to shorten the marabou a bit or use a longer shanked hook, as I feel that at least two or maybe three of the takes were short strikes. :hmmm:

    After that forty-five minute flurry, I only had one more strike though I kept moving as I had all along.

    I'm loving this cutthroat fishing more and more...
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    Nice reports everybody! Now I'm really chomping at the bit! :thumb:

  6. Jim,

    That's chomping at the wrong end of the line!

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    Oh, so it's not enough to have a jerk at both ends of the flyline...now we have to have a chomp at both ends too???!!! :clown: