Weirdest place you've ever caught a steelhead

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Panhandle, Oct 30, 2009.

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    I have a friend who tells this story all the time.

    A friend of mine years and years ago was floating around Lake Union jigging for crappie with ultra light tackle and 4lb mono when something silver and huge flashed right under him and slammed his crappie jig. 30 minutes later, after being dragged around all over the lake, he pulled up a 10lb steelhead.

    Apparently once in awhile, you get a lost salmon or steelhead that wanders into Lake Union.
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    No idea of the current status, but the 'quick trip' was down to the Samamish (Slough then) River between Lake Washington and Lake Sammie. Fished there quite successfully for many years (moved to Kalifornia in 1984). 'Indians' even netted the upper end of Lake Washington trying to intercept the fellows.

    Bummer; gill nets ARE very effective, especially in still water, at night.
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    Fred is right!

    Sammamish slough was once a popular spot for steelhead during the 70's.
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    1) san jose creek in santa barbara in the 70's
    2) refugio creek in the 80's ( not really, caught about 20)
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    Lummi island and San Francisco bay
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    Richard, I take it by your post this 'fishery' is now in the tank?bawling:bawling:bawling::mad:

    (And thanks for correcting my spelling of "Sammamish," been a very long time since I've run a line in that chunk of water.) Truth be told, I wasn't 'fly fishing,' I'd rig a side planer off a drift rod and walk from Redmond (what the heck the name of that big park at the top end ???) and down towards Bothell (lived in the Kingsgate area on top of the hill) and 'plug' the water, most of which was pretty slow if memory serves.

    Best winter season I ever had was on that drink of water. We had an 'int rem Priest' at our Episcopal Church in Redmond by the name of 'Father Todd,' to be honest, his last name is a blank in my memory. This guy was something really special: for him to talk to God, it was a 'local call,' or he'd get an immediate feed back ... 'hold on, I'll be right down.' A very, very special man. He was THE MAN the Diocese of Olympia sent in when a 'church was broken' and needed healing. (Boy Oh Boy, did our Bishop get that right!!!!!!!)**

    Anyway, I'd carried a large cooler in the back of my car in case I got "lucky." On occasion, yes, but not like the winter of 1983-1984. Pre the 10 AM service I did a bit of fishing and hooked/landed two beautiful fish, clean and into the cooler they go, wash up in the 'river' and off to church and into my investment robes. After the service I asked Father's wife (they had two children of their own and had adopted another 5!) if she/they would like two nice Steelhead for dinner? "Oh Yes!"

    A bit after 3PM she calls me and asks 'how do you cook Steelhead?' 'Well, same way you'd cook Salmon.' LONG dead pause ... "We can't afford to buy Salmon so I don't know how to cook these fish." Told her how in an oven or on a BBQ. Next Sunday Father calls me aside and says those were wonderful and we ate for almost a week off those two fish. "Tell you what Father, I'm good at pitching, you're good at Praying, say we 'split the catch?'' (No shit, this is a direct quote that will forever be burned into my pea sized brain.)

    "You're on!:thumb:" I kept the occasional fish, but Father and his family got 98%+ of the 50'ish fish I punched carded that winter. (I actually had to purchase another card as I was 'over limit' for the year.) We finally got a perminate (sp?) Priest (Father xxx, with whom I still have an ongoing relationship .. as of last week to be exact) at Holy Cross and Father Todd moved on to 'bigger and better' things. The winter with a man who is/was, truly, an Angel on Earth. Unless you've been there/done that ... THIS stuff can, even after all these years, be a life experience.

    For me there is/was 'a touch of God on earth' standing in front of you ... and His Name is "Father Todd."


    ** On more than one occasion I watched this man do things that were a 'say what???!!!' :eek::eek: On one of these times the Bishop of the D of Olympia pulled me aside and said (to the effect) "This is a very, very special man." And the Bishop was right, this was a 'very, very special man.'
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    Ringer boat launch on the Yakima. Nice deep colored hen took a brown bugger on the swing.