Well, I am going to need a lot of advice and help

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  1. My fishing days are numbered, I fear.

    Just a few years ago, like, say maybe 15 years ago, I purchased a fishing license from Fred Meyer over in Totem Lake. For being a valued customer, and having cash in hand, they gave me a small vinyl folder to hold the license, punchcard, and instructions. This small green icon was a fish magnet. Put it in my pocket and walk by a body of water and fish would jump just to get my attention.

    Well, today, an era came to a crashing end. I took it out of the hidey hole where I keep it, and found that the plastic had cracked at the seam and was almost in two pieces.

    My first thought was duct tape (or duck tape if you prefer), but the color gray would clash with the green and red of the vinyl.

    If I knew where to go for a replacement! But then, even so, I am certain that the juju is gone and the fish will ignore me with contemptuous behavior.

    So I approach this august chamber of learned minds and ask,
    "where can I get another one?"
  2. I think Fred's is still giving out the vinyl folders.
  3. Superstition. I have a green and it hasn't done $hit for me.
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  4. Yeahbut, would it have the same juju?

    I need to go there so I will ask them.

    I am not only mean, hostile, and cranky, I have no sense of decency.
  5. The new ones are better.

  6. Truer words were never spoken.:p:p
  7. You can beat this rap. Buy a generous piece of bleached coastal deer hair and tie the entire piece up into EHC's and give them away to friends, buddies and other needy fishing folk. That will restore your mojo. Then take the now sheared piece of deer hide and stitch it into a neat leather folder for your license. Vinyl has lost most of it's charm and leather has a lot more juju these days. Your newly acquired class will attract an even better grade of fish and the world will be right again.

    I'll take a half dozen of those EHC's if you have any left over.

  8. Better grade of fish, I'm all over that one.

    Jim, I am nothing, if I am not a completely honest individual. I never lie. I stretch the heck out of the truth from time to time, but I never lie. Well, maybe once in a while. But none of my fabrications are of any size or consequence. Ok so, I hold titles.
  9. Us old people never tell lies. That's why we are so old. You have to be pure of heart to be old and still around. I was going to go fishing today but it was to damn hot out. 92 before noon. Maybe tomorrow.
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    I thought of fishing, but the grass needed cutting and we had some pretty hot days the last week or so. And being almost pure of heart, I cut the grass, or at least a major part of it. Tomorrow I will trim and such. Rivers will be a zoo for fishing, I am betting.

  11. I don't have that problem. Where I go I'm usually the only swinging dick on the water.

    I stay away from the blue ribbon water like the Beaverhead or the Big Hole. But if there is a small feeder stream in the area, you can probably find me on it.
  12. Wal-mart
  13. Sounds like you need a period appropriate repair. Don't despair, Vinyl Repair

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  14. Charlie, I know just what you mean about the juju. Nine years ago I got a black one in King Salmon, AK. It held my first Alaska fishing license, and that is still in there along side my current WA license.

    I have a fix for you, that will not only fix it but even perhaps, just perhaps, add to the juju: take some used monofilament about six lb test, that has been fished and has felt the strain of piscatorial life and death struggles. Get a suitable sized hand sewing needle. Stitch it together at the edge and lacquer the knots at each end.

    No sense in getting rid of something that can stick with you and keep those fish jumping!

    "Sir! I can fix that!" ~Navin Johnson, The Jerk
  15. You guys are all wet! it's the hide of the noble and extremely-difficult-to-find Nauga that you want for your license wallets! Forget sealskin, deer hide, or any other type of hide; it's Naugahyde you really lust after!
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  16. This gets any worse, and I'm gonna have to put on my waders to get through the BS to get back to the truck here:D
  17. Naugas are a protected species here, Alex. That is not to say that I am above poaching for them, but being an almost honest person, I find it
    disturbing to be sitting high in my apple tree, in my nauga blind, at the stroke of midnight with my 2,000,000 candle power flashlight and
    awaiting the appearance of a miscreant nauga.

    My neighbors find it even more disturbing.
  18. Ummm...doesn't the old saying 'only the good die young' sorta contradict your theory?
  19. I have a head mount of a bull Nauga above the fireplace in my man cave. I could cut a strip from a less visible part of it and send it to you.

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  20. Well, the dilemma is over!

    Scrounging through my underwear drawer, I found a replacement vinyl fishing license cover. There are some cautionary issues however. This newer cover is in fact ORANGE! It is emblazoned with the name "SPORTEE''S" in rich, black script.

    Now if I were a completely honest person, I would confess that this was probably part of a HUNTING license purchase at some distant time in the past. My first clue is that SPORTEE''S is no longer in business.I do not recall ever having purchased a fishing license there and the color scheme, is a dead giveaway.I am not certain about the ju ju but I suspect that the fish may ignore me, but I will be really big with the wildlife otherwise.

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