Wenas creek

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  1. What's the scoop? I'd be making a pilgrimage from Whidbey so I'm just trying to do my homework before the drive. PM's welcome if this subject is on the DL.
  2. almost zero access due to private land and steelhead spawn in it. theres some small trout but i dont think its worth the effort of finding places to actually access it.
  3. ;)
  4. Penas creek fishes much better
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  5. I used to fish Wenas Lake all the time with my big brother and our buddies growing up. This is how the day would go:
    1.) We'd go hit some garage sales and buy a bunch of crap like old trophies and stuffed animals
    2.) stop by Bi-Mart on the way out of town and buy a bunch of ammo for our shot gun, .22's, and 30.06.
    3.) drive out to the LT Murray firing range and shoot up all of the garage sale stuff
    4.) go catch a bunch of live minnows in Wenas Creek with the homemade minnow traps we had been perfecting
    5.) try to catch a big brown in Wenas Lake
    After fishing Wenas for a few years, we got into flyfishing and actually did much better dragging buggers around behind our Browning Predators. That area is pretty cool. I remember seeing those little burrowing owls out there from time to time. We did catch a few good sized browns as well. The lake had a decent baitfish population in it and you could do pretty good - they'd draw the lake down in the fall and the fish would be more concentrated. Didn't hit the creek much, but I had a math teacher that flyfished and spoke of doing well there.
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  6. That small reservoir is noted for their huge browns....Large streamer patterns or a large mouse deerhair pattern dragged on the surface at night should provide plenty of pucker factor...

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