Wenatchee fly fishing

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Kim McDonald, Sep 1, 2013.

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    This morning, on my jog around Leavenworth, I saw a guy fly fishing on the Wenatchee. So I asked: "what are you fishing for?" He told me trout. I said: "I'm pretty sure this river is closed waters for trout fishing." And he said: "That's ok, I'm not catching anything," and kept fishing.

    I thought I was being nice about it, and I resisted the urge to tell him it doesn't make any difference if he is catching anything or not...but I kept going. Not having the regs for the Wenatchee memorized, I know it's closed for trout, but I was thinking there may be a salmon season for catch and keep on the hatchery fish. That's why I asked what he was targeting.

    Usually when WDFW opens it for the limited steelhead, the area is crawling with WDFW folks. I don't jog with my cell phone and was a ways away from my truck...

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    You would think that he would take your hint on fishing closed waters. The all classic answer " That's OK I'm not catching anything". That answer usually fits those of us the can't read english.
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    At 138 pages long, plus a few addendum's for good measure, it really doesn't surprise me that folks may not know. No excuse for not knowing to be sure, but the regulations are getting increasingly confusing. How long does it take you to jog back to Seattle? ;)
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    The Wenatchee is never open for trout as there are very few trout that aren't ESA-listed. As of today, it is open for hatchery Chinook from the Hwy 2 bridge in Leavenworth (at the east end of town) down to the mouth, except just up and downstream of the Dryden dam. (the regs have the exact distance)

    It is under selective gears rules regs and night closure.
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    Hahaha Freestoneangler...I just finished doing Hood to Coast, so heading to Seattle via my feet would have been a piece of cake!

    Thanks for your message, Sue. This guy was fishing near where the golf course borders on Blackbird Island park, so maybe a river mile away from the Highway 2 bridge near Safeway.

    I noticed this weekend that this area was crawling with fly fishermen and a few women. Even the very upper reaches of Icicle, where it confluences with French Creek, had fishermen on it. Lots and lots of pressure on very little water that is open for fishing.