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  1. Played around for a few hours this morn. Got one bump swinging, no hookup. It was spitting a bit of snow and the wind started to kick up. Water is pretty cold as to be expected. Found a "fishing camp" on the bank. Surrounded by beer cans and other garbage including a few containers of salmon eggs. Got to love poachers.
  2. Might be good to report the location of this fishing camp so as to give WDFW enforcement a head's up on the situation.
  3. I had planned on it. My buddy knows the local warden quite well. I also took pictures of the bait containers.
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  4. going to drink in the barbaric village tonight (The Loft, friend has a gig there) and swing the snatch in the morning

    if anyone would like to tag along on a walk and wade, although it may be more like crawl and wade after tonight....
  5. Not really any Steelies in Tumwater Canyon. Fish Leavenworth and below. Cashmere has some good spots to fish from the bank as does Leavenworth. I assume you will be on the bank as trying to float Tumwater would be suicide. Check regs for opportunities. They don't open it every year but lately they have been. When is the question, and not answered by the regs book.
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  6. I grew up in Cashmere........ I was definitely not fishing in or around Leavenworth. I know that entire river pretty well, including all the private access I haz from being semi-local and an orchardist. But thank you for the advice, I only go to the barbaric village to drink, fish the icicle with my 3 wt or get to my auntie's cabin on lake wetsnatch
  7. The main reason to fish Leavenworth and below is that Tumwater Canyon is closed to fishing, even below the dam.

    "Wenatchee River: Open from the mouth to the Icicle River Road Bridge, including the Icicle River from the mouth to 500 feet downstream of the Leavenworth National Fish Hatchery Barrier Dam. Night closure and selective gear rules apply. Motorized vessels are not allowed."
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  8. who the hell said anything about fishing Tumwater canyon?

    edit: unless still referring to OP, but thought that was handled first 5 pages...
  9. Lake wetsnatch....hum, story behind this name? :D
  10. sadly no, just lame ass teenagers trying to be funny on myspace back in the day (2005), and sadly, I still think it's funny.

    probably dates back to the natives, but that was first I heard of it.

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