Wenatchee, Icicle, Upper Columbia to Close for Steelhead

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Ryan Higgins, Dec 6, 2013.

  1. Upper Columbia from Rock Island to Wells, Wenatchee River, and Icicle river to close December 8th (this sunday)

    Interesting the Methow is still open with all the closure talk about it.
  2. Apparently nature closed the Methow and not the WDFW.
  3. Well, they could leave it open for floating line only, since you can't sink a tip or fly through sheet ice.

  4. :( Didn't land a fish on the 'snatch or Methow lol I guess theres next year.
  5. Fuck those rivers anyway.
  6. Didn't make it over there this season. I like fishing those rivers.
  7. You sound bitter!!!!

  8. Yes sir, yes I am.
  9. I only managed 3 fish on the Wenatchee this year. Went 5 times. No fish on the Methow, 1 trip.

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