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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Harry Richardson, Jun 19, 2014.

  1. Heading to Leavenworth this weekend and wanted to try my luck on the Wenatchee but have never fished it. Any idea how it's been looking? Also wanna try icicle creek or any other trout creeks in the area if anybody has any experience over there that'd be awesome. Thanks!
  2. Considering you posted this in the steelhead forum, I figured I'd point out that it's closed for steelhead.
  3. Thanks for pointing that out! I seat I'll never get used to checking if a river is opened or not to fishing.
  4. Only thing open in the Wenatchee is Chinook, and only below the mouth of the Icicle.
  5. As Even pointed out, the Wenatchee is closed for steelhead (and trout) and some sections of it are open for only Kings. That said, the flows are over 6000 cfs which is really high, like whitewater rafting high. As a point of reference, I like to fish it under 1000 cfs when it is open for steelhead.

    Some of the trout creeks, like the Icicle, are open but many others are closed so check the regs. However, all are still high with runoff so fishing will be difficult at best and wading is likely to be downright dangerous. The temps are going up for the weekend so expect river levels to go up even higher.
  6. good luck release all natives
  7. It slightly amazes me that this river is not like the Yakima, in being a blue ribbon trout river. It is beautiful water through and through, but I was told the bug population was not the same as the Yak and could not support a healthy trout population.
  8. just add some dams, stockers and presto! yak 2.0, but in reality the bullies would probably just get fatter...
  9. It's especially strange because the Methow to the north supports a pretty decent trout population. I still don't know how the Yak is classified as "blue ribbon," though.
  10. The Yak's classification as "blue ribbon" is strictly informal by the popular acclaim of some fishermen. It's certainly not classified by WDFW.
  11. The Wenatchee has a very healthy trout population on the upper river for sure, besides the fish I see when we float the river, my sons dive the river at times and report a lot of fish in different spots. It has been closed up here for about 15 years and it was excellent before they closed it.

    I agree that the Wenatchee should be very similar to the Methow. I'd love to get the upper river opened for trout fishing somehow. It would seem there are plenty of built in deterrents to over fishing....between the river being too high through spring and early summer and then all the inner tube traffic later in the summer. All the usual limitations could be put on gear/flies, hook size c and r etc.

    Does anyone know the history and process that was used to re open the Methow? I've tried to look that information up but never have been able to clearly see the process. Or maybe I just didn't find the right information. That may be a good template to use to try to get something done on the Wenatchee. Pm me if someone has an idea, or would like to discuss.

  12. can of worms has been opened.


    but don't worry, i'm right there dreaming with you, that one day i can bonk an ESA listed bull trout outta the upper river
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  13. "but don't worry, i'm right there dreaming with you, that one day i can bonk an ESA listed bull trout outta the upper river"
    I agree with that many years ago when my son was little we sat in a canoe at the head of lake wenatchee tossing black flies and black spinners - just creaming the bull trout/dollies btween us we released over 50 for the day endangered????? hardly . living in alaska for many years I fished for dollies and regularly down here I have to go over to the sky or sultan to find them as well as the skagit sysytem smitty

  14. Hello Sourdough, I just wanted to clear-up your incorrect information. Bull trout are not listed as endangered but are listed as threatened. That means steps need to be taken to prevent them from becoming endangered. This would include protecting current habitat and spawning populations.
  15. yeah no problem clo ,
    gotta remember as a boy the topic of dollies in the squirrel tree restraunt on hwy2 was always how many colors deep are they ? you can fish any species to a point of either protect it or let it fade away hell when I was first in alaska in the 60's there was still a bounty on dolly tails !! always for the usual "they are eating all the trout and salmon" so they were ragrded as a trash fish , personally in the right conditions they fight well and can be decent to eatas well so when I want one now I go to the sky near sultan smitty
  16. Above the Tumwater dam, it's a great fishery, with all the pieces just sitting there, and plenty of bugs, but...... Above the dam, it's closed waters. Permanently.

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