Wenatchee river steelhead update

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Kelly Michelsen, Sep 21, 2010.

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    I went fishing for about 1.5 hrs after work this afternoon and was rewarded
    with 1 wild steelhead...the water is slightly off color and aprox 1 ft higher from
    the recent rain...I was fishing near the mouth because of easy access and close
    proximity to my work place (WSDOT)...I was using a blackcone head leach with
    a size # 10 lightning bug with rubber legs and the trailer was the ticket!!!
    sorry in advance for the poor pic fish I forgot my waterproof camera and had to settle for poor pic from cell phone fish was aprox 24" and 5-6 lbs.

  2. Sweet! Can't wait to get out there. A phone pic is better than no pic!
  3. Great job! Thanks for sharing. Can't think of much that beats a little after work steel action.
  4. It's still slow, but improving! We got almost an inch and a half of rain from the last storm as well. Don and I went to Winthrop for grouse yesterday (waste of time, btw) and saw at least 6 rafts floating the Methow, along with a half-dozen guys wading. Didn't see anybody catching, though.
  5. Thanks for the report. Nice day after work! I"m considering this as an option on Friday, anybody got some tips for the best wading access? And none of this clandestine "it's my secret spot" BS, c'mon people we can all use google earth, save a brother some time. TIA.

  6. BD,

    Since you're asking about access, you must never have been there. Drive over and have a look. There's lots of road access. Now, about that wading access, I'm uncertain about Friday. As of yesterday it was running 1800 cfs; too high for my preferences, altho there are probably some good spots to wade at that level, just not the ones I'm used to fishing. I won't fish it until it drops to half that flow.

  7. BD, I'll save you some time. Don't act like you are entitled to people giving you their hard-earned spots. If google earth is so easy, figure it out yourself. There are a million bridges crossing the river, and roads parallel the river on both sides for most of the area open to fishing. If you want it any easier, there is a safeway that sells salmon on the east end of town in leavenworth.
  8. Sg,
    Thanks, I usually just look at the Wenatchee on the way by headed towards the Methow. I know the flow is up, I'm hoping it's dropping today and tomorrow. I can see a *lot* of road access, just curious if we decide to hit this, should I be looking up towards Cashemere/Peshastin, or further down towards the mouth, such as the original post suggests?

    PS. PM me if anybody doesn't want to be "that guy" for giving up the local knowledge ;-)
  9. There are many access points along the river.
    If you have never been here in the Wenatchee area!!!! Get a map, please.
    Look on the WDFW web site and you will be enlighten.
  10. Love you man.
  11. Good one lol
  12. I am headed that direction the second week of October for a quick float on the Wenatchee before heading to the Methow. Call me naive, but I was shocked how absolutely EVERYTHING is booked even for a quick one night stay.

    I am excited to see the Wenatchee and hopefully any last minute emergency closures don't spoil the experience.
  13. Yes, insane.
  14. [​IMG]

    Day 2 of after work fishing on the Wenatchee, the water clarity slightly better,river dropped slightly, I started with a slightly different setup, strike indicator small 1/16 oz jig i tied with pheasant tail body and rubber legs with approx 1 ft
    trailer started out with the rubber legged lightning bug, I had a good take after about 15 min of fishing very agressive
    stripped out line bent the jig hook and the trailer was gone oh well another LDR, so I went to my other go to size #12 bh pt w rubberlegs and about 5 mins later another good take for the next 10-15 mins I had a nice battle with another wild sthld a little larger than yesterdays and my better camera in hand for pics. so I fish to the net and one ldr in the books. I think that any where you can find holding water the fish are starting to move into the system!

  15. Sounds like a fantastic day! Great picture FF121
  16. We are booked this weekend and the second week of October. The first weekend in October and weekdays are open.

    In past years, you were lucky to find a spot anywhere in eastern Washington during the summer or fall. Thanks to the recession things are significantly slower.

    Here is a link to cabins and vacation homes in the Leavenworth area. I am sure you can find an opening there. You might try calling the Leavenworth Chamber of Commerce for vacancies. They keep track of all bookings in the area so which cabins and homes have openings.

    Their phone number is 509 548 5807

  17. Thanks! I ended up finding a small place a little farther away from the launch site that I wanted, but all is good.

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