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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Brooks Werner, Mar 6, 2013.

  1. Haven't really seen any eastside updates since the reopenings, so I thought I'd post a quick one. Battled the rain and snow over to the Wenatchee today. 3 wrecks coming down Blewett pass alone, guess people were surprised the white road was slick...

    Spent 3-4 hours actually on the river, snow changed to rain and eventually stopped. Not so much as a tug for my efforts, but I'll never complain about a day on the river. Did hit up a local for some intel and learned it started out pretty good over there but has slowed significantly lately. Definitely need to pull the trigger on a Switch rod, I always forget how much more water I'd be able to cover on that river if I had one...
  2. I fished the river yesterday and had very similar results. Swinging medium to slow deep runs with 2-4" tube flies and 15' Type 6 tips to 10ft. T-14. Not even a sniff.
  3. Thanks for the update, I am sidelined until they return next fall,recovering from rotator cuff surgrey 2 wks ago, hopefully It will be open if not I will fish the Methow.
    Kelly Michelsen
  4. I live in town and have been wade fishing the river swinging and nymphing. It has been very slow - haven't even moved a whitey, bull, or dolly in last four trips. Haven't fished it since the rain/snow mix yesterday though.

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